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Jk’s blog…Day 3 of Camp

Jk just posted about her 3rd day at Church Camp, and shared one of her favorite messages from their chapel time.  I hope you will take the time to check it out.  Thank you!  Here is the link…


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Jk’s Blog…Day 3 of Camp

Jk just wrote about her 3rd day at camp.  She shared one of her favorite messages from the week.  I hope you’ll check it out.  Here’s the link… Prayer Alert- Fearing advanced Syrian weapons landing in rogue hands, the IDF is upgrading their infrastructure along the Israeli-Syrian border. LIKE to join us in PRAYING for Israel’s security in these very dangerous times. SHARE to ask your friends to join in our prayer.

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Reblogged…Grandma and the Internet

I had to reblog this blog post from Terry at …It is so funny! Thank you Terry, for giving us this lighthearted look at the internet and those of us that are older and were not raised with it.


Who I am

The computer swallowed grandma.
Yes, honestly it’s  true!

she pressed ‘control and ‘enter’
And disappeared from  view.
It  devoured her completely,
The thought just makes  me squirm.. She
must have caught a virus
Or  been eaten by a worm.

I’ve searched through  the recycle bin
And files of every kind;
I’ve even used the  Internet,

But nothing did I  find.
In  desperation, I  asked Google
My  searches to refine.

The reply from them was  negative,
Not a thing was found  ‘online.’
So, if inside your  ‘Inbox,’
My  Grandma you should see,

Please ‘Copy, Scan’ and  ‘Paste’ her
And send her back to me.

This is a tribute to all  the Grandmas and Grandpas who have been fearless  and learned to use the Computer……….

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Two Awards in One…“Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award”

I was nominated for this award twice in the same day, and within moments of each other.  Thank you to Diane at… and Terry from… !  What is funny is that both of these wonderful women said the same thing to me when they nominated me for it…that I would love the name for the award, and that it was perfect for me…lol.  I wasn’t sure whether they meant the Mrs. Sparkly part or the Ten Commandment part…lol.  I remember saying the same thing to both, that I found the name funny because it was the first time I had heard the word Sparkly used in the same sentence as the words Ten Commandment!  I took it upon myself to add the title of this award, “Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award” to the picture that was posted for the award.  So that those receiving it will always get a smile when they see the name.

The rules for this award are that you must answer the following ten questions and nominate ten blogs that you think deserve the award.  So here are the 10 questions…

1. Describe yourself in seven words… Sinner Saved By Grace, A Vessel of God

2. What keeps you up at night?  Insomnia from Fibromyalgia…well it did until a friend suggested Melatonin to me because it helped her sleep through the symptoms of insomnia that accompanies fibromyalgia.  It Works…Praise God!

3. Whom would you like to be?  Well, the Bible says that God made me quite unique (I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by him.)  So I wouldn’t want to be anyone but who God made me to be…however I would like to be more like Jesus.

4. What are you wearing now?  My favorite pajamas…the comfortable red ones!

5. What scares you?  Now this is funny, because everything I’ve ever had a fear of I’ve had to face and get over.  For example…I have never been afraid of dieing because I know where my eternity will be, but I always feared living with pain.  Now with Fibromyalgia I don’t fear it anymore because I live with pain daily.  I was afraid of heights and tight places, and working in theater I had to deal with both.  God has a way of teaching me that the only fear I need to have in my life is the fear of God.

6. What are the best and worst things about blogging?  Best is writing and sharing with other bloggers, the worse thing is there is never enough time in a day to do all the blogging and reading of other blogs that I would love to do.

7. What was the last website you looked at?  Does this mean blogsite or website?  I would have to say my blogsite since that is what I’m writing on right now. But I would have to say not counting blog sites, and other than WordPress it would be MSNBC homepage for about 10 seconds until I started blogging on here…lol.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  No more pain, so I could do all the things with my youngest daughter that I was able to do with my oldest daughters.

9. Slankets, yes or no?   Slankets?  Are we talking Snuggies, because I have a bright red one and it is the most comfortable thing on my bed, which I use every single day, and my daughter, Jk, keeps trying to take from me…lol.

10. Tell us something about the person who nominated you. Well, I was nominated by two very unique, loving, caring, and compassionate women that I’m proud to call friends and sisters-in-Christ.

I am nominating five other bloggers to receive this award, since I’m not sure how many I’m suppose to actually nominate.  Those I nominate will either fit the Mrs. Sparkly part of the award name or the Ten Commandment part, so either they will be creative in a sparkly kind of way, or they will be really grounded in their Christian faith.  Here are my five…

1. …This blogger is definately one of the Mrs. Sparkly bloggers, and a wonderful crafter to prove it.  I love her posts on the jewelry she creates.

2. …If dinosaurs and science could be considered sparkly this blogger could prove it.  Also grounded in their Christian faith, I find this blogger a great candidate for both parts of the awards name.

3. …I don’t know anyone as sparkly as this blogger, and I know she has been grounded in her faith in Jesus Christ, because she is my youngest daughter and I live with her and her sparkliness ever day!

4. …This blogger would get the award for being the sparkliest homeschool site… that is if there was an award for that.  Since there isn’t I’m giving her this award!

5.  …Now this award is perfectly named for this blogger!  She is spunky, sparkly, and grounded in her Christian faith.  Hmm…no wonder I keep thinking she reminds me of one of my daughters!

Okay I may have to add one or two more nominations, because I see a couple more blogs that fit my idea of ones that deserve the “Mrs. Sparkly Ten Commandments Award.”  So here goes…

6. …This is definately a creative sparkly site.  Usually when I check it out I’m either thing…Yum or That is so cool!

7. …This is a site that shares their heart for God and is creative both!  You can look at a blog post of a craft or such and before you know it this blogger has related it to something from God’s Word, or a thought about the Lord.

Alright! Two more award posts finished!  Congratulations to all those I have nominated, and thank you to Terry and Diane for giving me this award!


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Reader Appreciation Award and Thanks for Writing Award



My elementary teachers would be quite proud that all their efforts to teach me the basics of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic have finally paid off.  Being nominated for the “Reader Appreciation Award” by Diane at, was very special, but then to also be nominated in the same day for the “Thanks for Writing Award” by Thelma at just made my day double special!  I admire the writing of both of these women, because I know they put their hearts and souls into every single word.  Thank you both for these nominations!

The suggested rules for the”Reader Appreciation Award”  are as follows:

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.

 2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.

 3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.( I will nominate 5 as I have done others recently) 

4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate. 

5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.


Since I could not find a written list for what is required for the “Thanks for Writing Award”, I’m going to make the list from what I can see from other bloggers who have won it.  Here is that list…

1.  Recognize the blog and blogger who nominated you, including a link to their site.

2.  Share something about your passion for writing.

3.  Nominate 6 or 7 other bloggers who use their blog to post creative writing of their own, include links to their sites.

4.  Notify those bloggers that you have nominated.


1. What is your favorite color?  I’d have to say red, but the truth is I love different colors on different days depending on my mood.  Today is probably a earthy orange day. 

2. What is your favorite animal? Because of allergies I’ve never gotten real close to animals, but I love seeing all of them at a distance.  We do have a pet, Beagle/Basset Hound, and she is a sweetheart unless Jk gets her riled up and running all over the house.  The affects of her fur on my allergies is minimal, compared to what cats and rabbits do to me (let’s just say I will end up with hives, and an asthma attack or two, and in some cases I end up in the Emergency Room). 

3. What is your favorite number?  It would be the number 7, since I was the 7th child in my family, born the 7th day of the week at 7 o’clock at night.

4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Depends on my mood and health.  I love diet cola, and that has more to do with stopping drinking regular sodas when they diagnosed my dad with diabetes.  I love flavored teas, and right now my favorite is Peach Green Tea.  I love to take green tea and put peach juice into it, rather than buy it already flavored.

5. Do you prefer facebook or twitter? I don’t twitter at all, so it would have to be facebook.  If I had a choice though I would rather blog on WordPress, and receive letters with pictures in them in the regular mail, from family and friends.  I think letter writing is becoming a lost form of communication that needs to be encouraged and taught.

6. What is your passion? My passion is my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ which comes first and foremost in my life, and influences everything else I do, say, write, watch, and listen to, including my relationship with others like my family and friends.

7. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts? I would never turn down a gift as it is a nice way to tell someone you care, but personally I’ve always been a giver.  My favorite thing at Christmas is to watch everyone’s face as they open their gift, and I love to do things and make things for others without letting them know who it is from.

8. What is your favorite pattern? Paisleys…love the way they express natural things like flowers and plants, also that they are such wonderful expressions of Folk Art.

9.  What is you favorite day of the week? Hmm…depends on the day and how it is going.  Each day has it good and bad things, and since all were created by God and he is in them I just like every day of the week.  I could say any day without a doctors appointment and that I’m in little pain.

10.  What is your favorite type of flower? Carnations,  because they are simple, sweet, and have a mild scent.


Okay, now for something about my passion for writing.  I’ve always loved writing, even as a child.  I admired people who write fiction books, biographies, and autobiographies, because they are able to make a story come to life through the words they write, and I hope that when I write that in someway I do too.  When I write I usually do when God inspires me to.  I don’t usually remember what I’ve written after I write, and always read it like everyone else…as if it was written by someone else.  Because the Lord is my inspiration I don’t usually just sit down and write everyday, but when he prods me to write after seeing something, or reading His Word.

Now since I have to nominate 10 to 12 bloggers for the “Reader Appreciation Award”, and another 6 or 7 for the “Thanks For Writing” Award, some may show on both lists, while some will only appear on one or the other award.  But I will make each nomination list separate.

First, the nominees for the “Thanks For Writing Award” are as follows…

1. …Diane has been taking on the challenge of putting her thoughts into poetry, and other writing.  What I love is that her writing is a clear expression of her heart!

2. …Okay, I’m partial on this one.  This is my daughter, Jk, who is a new blogger.  I let her start blogging to encourage her to write.  Jk is slightly dyslexic and for those who may not know writing and reading are two things most dyslexic people struggle with.  Jk is a very artistic and expressive tween, and I’m hoping that she will find that by expressing herself this part of her in creative blog writing, she will also overcome the struggles dyslexia causes her in writing.  So far I think she is doing pretty good, and needs to see that she is in a tangible way.  If you haven’t seen her blog about her week at church camp, you should visit her blog.  Jk is writing one blog post per day of her camp experience.

3. …I know that Thelma gave me the award, but I think she deserves it once more, as her writing is just beautiful.  I enjoy the way she expresses herself and her heart through her writing.

4. …Bird writes Life, in all she writes.  One day she is going to sit down and write a funny “Erma Bombeck” style of book filled with her life stories, and it will be a best seller.  She will make you laugh, cry, and wish you were with her on each adventure of her life.

5. …I just have to say that I love everything from this blogger, whether about current events, God, or just life itself.  Whenever I read this blog I feel like grabbing a cup of coffee, and pulling a chair up, and sitting on the porch with him.  He has a small town, porch setting feeling to his writing style.  I find that when I have missed a few days of following blogs, he is among those I want to sit and read, just so I can feel at home again.

6. …I’ve always felt the heart and life in Terry’s writing, but I’ve enjoyed watching the evergrowing journey into Creative Writing that she has begun taking.  Her writing about her life flows so naturally that it will hook you immediately, and as she grows as a Creative Writer I think she one day will be a force to reckon with in the writing world.

7. …I learned of this blog site through my friend and fellow blogger Anne Sikes, who often submits writing on this site.  I love this site for its variety of writers and that it encourages other writers as well.


Okay, now to tackle the  10 to 12 bloggers I’m nominating for the “Reader Appreciation Award”.  Many of those I will nominate do comment on every blog they read, and there are others, I know read many blogs and always leave a “like” on the site even if they don’t comment on every single one.  These are bloggers who are much more deserving than I am for this award, so I want them to know that as a blogger I appreciate them visiting my blog and reading my posts.  Here is the list of nominees…

1. …Anne is wonderful about visiting so many blog sites and reading every word we post.  She leaves the most encouraging thoughts and comments, and frankly I don’t know how she keeps up with all of them…but she does!

2. …Terry is that person who even amongst her hectic life with all its ups and downs, always grabs that cup of coffee each day to check out the blogs she follows.  Sometimes she comments, and often she “likes” each blog she visits.  She is like that family member who loves and cares for each blogger that she follows.

3. …I often ask myself, “How does Bird do it?”  She has 3 teenagers, a husband who is a chef and biker, and writes her own blog, but like my 2 previous nominees makes time each day to read those blogs she follows.  Even when she doesn’t comment, she lets you know she was there by leaving you a “like”, but when she comments you know that it will be full of encouragement, humor, and love.  I once said if I had been blessed with a little sister, I would want her to be just like Bird.

4. …Even in his busy schedule Walter always takes time to read the blogs he follows and offer words of encouragement and blessing.  If you haven’t checked out his blog yet, you should.

5.  …I know the minute I post something on my blog this young lady will check it out.  She is like the girl next door who cares about all her neighbors, and always has some helpful encouragement for them.  I’m not one who thinks that most young people have enough wisdom yet to give me words of advice, but Apple is one of the few that I see a level of maturity in that I welcome her words.  She’s bright, wise, and has a love for life that makes you want her to come visit.  If I could choose my daughter’s friends, I would choose Apple because I know her influence on them would be a positive one.

6. …This is a blogger who gives wonderful Christian based encouragement and really helps you see the joy in your walk with the Lord and in your blogging experience.

7. … If I need encouragement on my gardening or the posts where I write about it, this is the blogger I want to hear from, but I love all the words of encouragement that come my way from them.

8. …This blogger always has words of encouragement when they comment, and when they don’t you still know they have been there because they will always leave a “like”

9. …I’ve not only experience this bloggers encouragement, but they have been wonderful about encouraging my daughter, Jk, on her blog.  I love the information they share in their blog, and their kind words in their comments.

10. … Quiet and encouraging, fits this blogger, not only in their posts, but in their comments as well. 

11.  …Here is another younger blogger who shares a lot of words of encouragement and wisdom in her blog and her comments.

12. …I actually got to know this blogger first through another of her blogs, but quickly found a friendship and co-mentorship through this blog, since we are both homeschooling moms.  I treasure her words of encouragement, and her ideas and experience shared in her blogs, especially this one on her homeschooling experiences.


Wow!  I’m finally finished with this blog post!  I decided to blog these 2 together because I received them the same day!  Thank you again to  Diane and Thelma for these awards!  I’m honored to receive them from such wonderful women.  Also…Congratulations to all those I have nominated in this post.  I know you all deserve them far more than I did.



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Catching Up On Awards Today! … The Commentator Award

Along with dealing with my health issues of Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barre Syndrome (which means I catch every virus I’m exposed to), Severe Osteo-Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (in both wrists), and the newest diagnosis of Bone Spurs, I have a great deal of other stuff that I have to do.  I’m not only a mom, grandmother, and wife, but I am homeschooling my daughter so I’m her teacher. I have a big house to get cleaned up, a porch herb garden to take care of, along with all the normal housewife and mom things as well.   I not only blog, but am a book reviewer with about 20 books piled up to read and reviewed, with more books on the way already.  I also am an avid fiber crafter, with loads of mending to catch up on, a lot of shawls to knit for Christmas and my church where I’m trying to get a Prayer Shawl Ministry started.  I’m still trying to catch up on my emails, facebook, and other blogs that I like to follow.  If I haven’t been to your blog for a while, this is why…I’m just way behind on so many things.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed and have to take a step back and put some things on hold until I can get through bad days with my health, like now when I’m fighting an ear infection, and trying to get a regular sleep schedule back with the help of a natural mineral, instead of sleeping pills.  Since today the ear infection seemed to be keeping me down I decided to take some time and catch up on blogging some awards that I was nominated for, that I’ve received over the past few weeks.

The first one I’m going to tackle is “The Commentator Award.”   I was nominated for this one by Anne Sikes of .   This is the first time I had heard of this award, and was thrilled to be nominated by Anne, although her shoes I could not fill at all.  Anne not only is a talented and creative woman, who does some fantastic computer art, but also writes some beautiful poetry, and her blog posts as well.  But what amazes me about Anne is the caring, and compassionate way she comments on the blogs she follows.  She truly shows the heart of Jesus Christ in the love she shows to others, and encourages them through whatever life is throwing at them.

Now to nominate others for this award.  I am going to nominate those I often see commenting on other blogs with encouragement and compassion, with a great big dose of wisdom in each of their posts.

1. …Each of the comments that they make are filled with excitement and encouragement.  I love the encouragement that my daughter, Jk, has recieved from this blogger!

2.  …I love the encouragement that this blogger often shows to others, and that I have received from her.  She has such a love for others and Christ, and expecially for her family.

3.  …Bird is the most understanding and encouraging blogger out there.  I’ve watched her encourage many others through some dark times with love and understanding.  I have to say I really hate getting behind and missing some of her blogs.  I’m going to have to devote a whole day to catch up with her.

4. …I love bloggers who not only encourage you through their comments but also through their own blog posts.  I can depend on this blogger to always do that.  If I need a pick me up word of encouragement, this is one of the blogs I go to for that!

5. …Diane is one of those people that will look past what is going on in her own life to use her time to encourage others.  I know that when she comments on my blog posts it is always heartfelt.

6. …Camila is one of those bloggers who through her words, the Bible Scriptures, and her wonderful photography can’t help but be an encourager to others.  This blog is another one I go to when I need a word of encouragement, that also gives me a mental picture to remind me of that encouragement.

7.  …Apple is the perfect name for this blogger, because she is truly the apple of God’s eye!  She is so encouraging, and helpful, and really gives me hope for the youth of today.  Her love of God, her family, and especially for others is so evident in her comments.

Well, I think I posted more than enough nominations, Congratulations to all of these wonderful bloggers and commentators!  You all deserve it!


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Jk’s Blog…Day 2 of Church Camp

Even after our 5 and 1/2 hour chat when Jk got home from church camp, I am still hearing new stories about her time at church camp this week.  Now that her initial excitement has calmed down I am actually getting to hear the details behind conversations, and about each message and activity.  So I want to invite you to Jk’s blog to hear about Day 2 of her week at camp.  Here’s the link…


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Jklyn’s Blog Post #1 About Going to Church Camp

Here is a link to Jklyn’s new blog post about her first day at church camp last week.  I know she enjoyed her first experience of going to church camp, because when she came home on Friday of last week, she talked to me about it for 5 and 1/2 hours nonstop!  I’m sure you will get tickled at her adventures, and trust me be thankful you are not here for her to share with you all her bumps, scars, cuts, and scratches from all the fun she had.  You would think she was a military veteran the way she shows you every single one and tells how she got each one.  She told me that she wished she could go all summer, and all I could think about was how many more bumps, scars, cuts, and scratches she would have after a whole summer and that it would take her until Christmas to get over her excitement and finish telling me about her summer…lol.  I hope you will check out her blog!  By the way the photos from the camp are courtesy of our Pastor who took them.  Here is the link…


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Fifty Shades of Gray Articles…IMPORTANT!

The link is to articles about the book “Fifty Shades of Gray” that has jumped to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List, and is being made into a movie.  Warning…Do not read these articles in front of children unless you are ready to answer questions about sin and sex!  I’ve heard a lot of excitement over this book, even saw postings from friends on Facebook that were reading it, and one that now irritates my soul where a teenager girl was starting to read it.  I didn’t know what it was about, but had a nudging in my soul that something about it wasn’t right.  I thought maybe it was horror fiction, which I don’t like, or paranormal fiction, which I also don’t like to read.  But it is worse than even these!  I’ve mentioned before that I do book reviews for Radiant, and was happy to see that Lori Twitchell and Jill Hart had posted articles about this book, one from a reviewer perspective and one from a Christian perspective.  Knowing these women as Christian professionals working in the Publishing Field, and as mothers too, I wanted to hear what they had to say about “Fifty Shades of Gray”, and if it would explain the eerie feeling I had every time I heard this book mentioned, and it did.  I hope you will take a moment to read these articles before considering reading the book yourself, and if you are a parent I pray you don’t let you child, tween, or teen read the book at all, no matter how much they beg or make it seem innocent.  It isn’t innocent at all, and from what I can see “Fifty Shades of Gray” is no more than a Satanic work of pornography being pushed on people as good and decent fiction.  I personally see this book as a way for Satan to get a foothold into the reader’s life.  Here is the link to the articles…

Fifty Shades of Jill and Lori…..


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I did not want to hurt so much…Rosana Salgado Burright

I did not want to hurt so much sub english.mp4 – YouTube.  This is the link to her video.

If you are hurting in your heart, going through an illness, or a tough time, or if you have been through a struggle in the past, please watch this You Tube video. My dear friend and sister-in-Christ wrote this song, and it is she who is singing and playing the guitar. Although the song is in Portuguese as her native country is Brazil, the subtitles are in English. She really has a heart for Christ Jesus, and you can feel her prayers through her music. She gives a short Bible Verse at the end, but don’t worry she also gives it in English in the subtitles.

Rosana could use your prayers too.  As I said she is originally from Brazil, but lives here in America now with her husband.  They spent their last dime on the cost of her immigration papers and now her life here is in jeopardy, because they can’t afford the $1,500 for her Green Card.  If they don’t get this she will have to go back to Brazil and start the whole process over.  Please keep her in your prayers, for her financial needs and for her ministry to women in both countries through her music and encouragement to help them overcome hurt, abuse, and more.  Thank you!


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