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Sorry, I Haven’t Been Blogging Personally.

There are times when we have so much to do, but illness just doesn’t let us do it.  I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging my own writing for a while, or posting about things going on.  It has been a tough 2 weeks for me healthwise.  Between getting the flu, followed by an earache for myself and 2 days with Jk having the flu it has been crazy.  In between these two events I had a visit from my little brother and his daughter who live 2000 miles away.  Hopefully I will be back up to it again.  Until then I hope that the devotionals that I’ve been posting have been a blessing to you.  If I haven’t visited your blog for a while, this is pretty much why.  Know that I miss you all, and keeping up with your talents, lives and all your wonderful blog posts.  God bless you all!


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Fifty Shades of Gray Articles…IMPORTANT!

The link is to articles about the book “Fifty Shades of Gray” that has jumped to the top of the NY Times Bestseller List, and is being made into a movie.  Warning…Do not read these articles in front of children unless you are ready to answer questions about sin and sex!  I’ve heard a lot of excitement over this book, even saw postings from friends on Facebook that were reading it, and one that now irritates my soul where a teenager girl was starting to read it.  I didn’t know what it was about, but had a nudging in my soul that something about it wasn’t right.  I thought maybe it was horror fiction, which I don’t like, or paranormal fiction, which I also don’t like to read.  But it is worse than even these!  I’ve mentioned before that I do book reviews for Radiant, and was happy to see that Lori Twitchell and Jill Hart had posted articles about this book, one from a reviewer perspective and one from a Christian perspective.  Knowing these women as Christian professionals working in the Publishing Field, and as mothers too, I wanted to hear what they had to say about “Fifty Shades of Gray”, and if it would explain the eerie feeling I had every time I heard this book mentioned, and it did.  I hope you will take a moment to read these articles before considering reading the book yourself, and if you are a parent I pray you don’t let you child, tween, or teen read the book at all, no matter how much they beg or make it seem innocent.  It isn’t innocent at all, and from what I can see “Fifty Shades of Gray” is no more than a Satanic work of pornography being pushed on people as good and decent fiction.  I personally see this book as a way for Satan to get a foothold into the reader’s life.  Here is the link to the articles…

Fifty Shades of Jill and Lori…..


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