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Woman Attempts Suicide and Says She Went to Hell and Heaven

For some reason today, I feel speechless.  My heart is aching for those who have gone through terrible things in the past, much like myself, and now I know how Jesus  must feel when he sees his children suffer, or take the things that happen in their lives and lock them in their hearts, instead of giving them to him. When I saw this video and heard this young lady speak about blaming herself for her parents’ divorcing, and how that lack of self-esteem grew to the point of wanting to kill herself, it brought back how as a teen I felt that way.  I thank God for coming into my life and giving me hope and peace, before I got to this level of depression.  I praise God that he came into this young woman’s life and wiped all that self-doubt and self-hatred away.  This week my heart is crying out for my own daughters, praying that each would come to Christ, and give their self-doubts, their anger, their hurts, their lives to Jesus.  I guess, this week the heart of the mom in me is really feeling the need to mourn for young women all over the world who are facing trials and tribulations, self-esteem issues, and depression. I’m thankful that in my speechlessness, when I can’t even express the words I want to in prayer, God’s Holy Spirit is already kneeling at the throne of God uttering to the Lord, what I can’t expres.  Right now, all I want to do is to hug every young woman who is hurting inside, and let them know that it will be okay…that Jesus loves them and will always be there to help them through it all.

Woman Attempts Suicide and Says She Went to Hell and Heaven.

via Woman Attempts Suicide and Says She Went to Hell and Heaven.


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What God Sees

What God Sees


Every morning when I rise

I greet the morning sun,

Then I look into the mirror

To see what time has done.


For each heartache, pain, and trial,

That in life I’ve faced,

On the pallet of my skin,

A line or wrinkle’s traced.


How thrilled I am that God can see,

Not the lines of age and pain,

But what’s deep in the heart of  me,

And the joy that life would drain.


He see the love I have for Him,

As in my heart it glows,

He doesn’t see the ugliness,

That life has dealt with blows.


God sees the peace my heart now feels,

Because I am His own.

He sees what’s deep inside of me,

And sees love’s seeds He has sown.


By:  Bonita L. Ledzius…copyright 2007


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I’m Not By Myself

I’m Not By Myself


Sitting here alone

No one by my side.

Can I face this trial,

And push my pain aside?

Picking up my Bible,

I look into Your Word.

You lead me to a passage,

Where Your answer can be heard.

I’m not by myself.

I’m never alone.

I have my Jesus.

He’s still on His throne.

He’s ever beside me,

To lead and to guide.

I’m not by myself,

‘Cause He’s right by my side.

By: Bonita L. Ledzius…Copyright 2007


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Father, Let Me Pray

Father, Let Me Pray

Father, let me pray

With all my heart and soul.

To reach You in a way

That allows You full control.

Father, let me pray,

And feel Your presence near

And with each word I say

Express my joy and tears.

Father, let me pray

With hope, and faith, and love.

Let my spirit, every day

Reach Your loving heart above.

And Father, when I pray,

Although I know You’re there,

Let your Holy Spirit hold me such,

That I have faith to know You hear.

      By:  Bonita L. Ledzius…2005


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Only by the grace of God,

Have all my sins been cleared.

Only by His love and grace,

Comes the end of all I feared.

Only by His precious love,

Can my pain be shared.

Only by His mighty power,

Was my whole life spared.

Only because of Jesus,

Is my life brand new.

Only because He loved me,

Can His love I share with you.

Only because He died

On that rugged Calvary tree,

Can His love live in my heart,

To be shared with all I see.

By: Bonita L. Ledzius…Copyright 2005


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The Gardener…My poem for Sara

After a wonderful night chatting with Sara of  I promised to post this poem I wrote just to honor her new commitment to Jesus.  It was a poem I wrote way back in the 80’s when I realized that God had indeed been at work changing my heart.  So this is for all my fellow Christian bloggers, but especially for Sara…my new sister-in-Christ.


By: Bonita L. Ledzius…copyright 1985


The Gardener came into the garden,

Wanting to take its beauty in.

Instead of lovely colors,

The garden was black with sin.

The Gardener looked so sad,

As the garden he began to tend.

How sad it made Him, that the owner

Had brought it to this end.

The weeds of sin had grown

until the plants could get no light,

And the weeds wrapped their vines around them,

Until the plants could no longer fight.

The  flowers’ colors began to wilt,

Until not a single one remained.

All that was left was darkest black,

And a sight filled full of pain.

Finally in an attempt to free the garden,

From its captive sinful weeds,

The owner called in the Gardener,

To plant new kinds of seeds.

The Gardener began his work

By cutting out the sin,

Until at last, through his hard work,

He let the sun shine in.

He pruned, cleared, plowed, and planted anew,

Until at last he found,

That all the colors were coming back,

And beauty was all around.

Christ is that Gardener,

My life His handiwork.

He tends the garden of my heart,

Ridding weeds where ‘ere they lurk.

He gives my life new beauty,

Filled with love, hope, joy and peace.

And with Him as my Gardener,

This beauty will never cease.

A note to Sara…He has began a work in you that will result in even more beauty coming into your heart.  It takes time, but step by step you will see God’s Work in you that will show your love and faith has grown, and the past weeds of hurt, anger and pain have been weeded out.  In their place God will plant the seeds of love, joy, peace, mercy, grace, understanding, forgiveness, and hope, and they will bloom into beautiful flowers in your life.

To others reading this post…if you have not accepted Christ as your Savior, and your life and your heart fill black with sin, anger, hurt, and pain, consider calling in Jesus the Gardener to help you clear those weeds out, and allow him to change your heart, and change your life.


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My Daughter is holding me hostage on her blogspot…LOL!

I’m sitting here at the computer, but am being held hostage by my tween daughter, JK.  She wants me to stay on her blog, All in the Life of Jk, so she can watch her stat meters change.  She’s hoping for 50 views in the next few minutes and won’t let me do anything else until she gets those views…lol.  Please rescue me and visit her bloggggggg…Pllleeeeeassseee help meeeeeeee!


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