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A Quiet Heart (Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook)

From Charles Spurgeon’s “Faith’s Checkbook”
A Quiet Heart
December 12
In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. (Isaiah 30:15)

It is always weakness to be fretting and worrying, questioning and mis-trusting. What can we do if we wear ourselves to skin and bone? Can we gain anything by fearing and fuming? Do we not unfit ourselves for action and unhinge our minds for wise decision? We are sinking by our struggles when we might float by faith.
Oh, for grace to be quiet! Why run from house to house to repeat the weary story which makes us more and more heart-sick as we tell it? Why even stay at home to cry out in agony because of wretched forebodings which may never be fulfilled? It would be well to keep a quiet tongue, but it would be far better if we had a quiet heart. Oh, to be still and know that Jehovah is God!
Oh, for grace to be confident in God! The holy One of Israel must defend and deliver His own. He cannot run back from His solemn declarations. We may make sure that every word of His will stand though the mountains should depart. He deserves to be confided in; and if we would display confidence and consequent quietness, we might be as happy as the spirits before the throne.
Come, my soul, return unto thy rest, and lean thy head upon the bosom of the Lord Jesus.

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Lady Anne’s Quest…By:Susan Page Davis

Lady Anne’s Quest

By:  Susan Page Davis

Genre:  Christian Romance

Reviewed by:  Bonita L. Ledzius

Reviewed on:  May 6, 2012

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Publication date:  2012

Reviewed for : Radiant

Anne Stone has crossed the Atlantic, and all the way across the American Frontier to the Oregon Territory, looking for David Stone, the last living brother of her late father,  the Earl of Stoneford.  She had spurned the affections of fellow traveler, Dan Stone, but now, so close to the end of her journey, Annd found that she may need his help and protection more than she ever thought she would.  Having kept her real identity as Lady Stone, and her real reason for the trip a secret so that she would not be treated special by her fellow travelers, but also for her safety, Anne had been able to travel without many problems so far.  Yet, more than one person is out to get the inheritance that rightfully belongs to her uncle, and to continue the journey to find her uncle on her own would be too dangerous.  Will trusting Dan to go with her to find her uncle, leave him with the idea that she was interested in a relationship with him?  Was her uncle still alive, or had he become the victim of foul play?

Dan Adams had begun his journey across country to settle in Oregon with his brother, Hector, and become a farmer, but when he met Anne Stone, a young English woman also from the wagon train everything changed.  He fell in love with her right from the first moment, and hoped by the time they reached Oregon Anne would consent to be his wife and settle in Oregon with him.  Anne was friendly to Dan, but his hopes were dashed when she spurned his offer.  Now that they had reached Oregon, Dan decided to continue with the wagon train in hopes that Anne will change her mind once she finds her uncle.  Little did Dan know that the last part of Anne’s journey would be the most dangerous, and when she would need him most, especially with some mysterious person bent on sabotaging their trip.  Would Anne ever except Dan’s offer of marriage?  Who had twisted up their tack for the horses more than once, and cut the bridge that would get them over the river and on to Anne’s uncle’s mining camp?  How much danger were they really in?

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The Prodigal Girl…by: Grace Livingston Hill…Book Review

The Prodigal Girl

By:  Grace Livingston Hill

Genre:  Christian Fiction

Reviewed by:   Bonita L. Ledzius

Reviewed on:  April 22, 2012

Publisher:  Barbour Publishing Inc. …2012

Life seemed to be going as planned, and success was on the horizon for Chester Thornton and his family.  The deal he had worked on for months had finally come through and now Chester could focus on the Christmas ahead and the lavish gifts that he had always wanted to bestow upon his wife and children, that is until a conversation on a train ride home sets his world spinning into turmoil.  How could he have been so blind to what was going on at home, and to what his children had become?  Had he really been that uninvolved with what his children were learning at school, and the type of friends they had?  Where had he and his wife gone wrong?  Hadn’t they raised their children in church?  Hadn’t they set a proper example for their children?  Why was this happening to his family?

For Betty Thornton, oldest daughter of Chester Thornton, life was about what she wanted.  She had come into her high school years embracing the new age of ideas and the new way of living life.  No one would drag her back into the prudish ways of the past.  Betty deserved to live life to its fullest, and nothing was going to stop her from doing just that, even her parents’ antiquated ideas based on a bunch of old myths in the Bible.

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