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A New Blogger…Welcome to WordPress!

This is a friend of mine who is new to WordPress. She is an amazing Christian woman who is raising a son with Autism. I encouraged her to blog her experiences and what she has learned in not only her personal experience with it, but in her research too. I encourage those on WordPress who are also raising children with Autism to follow Dolores, and for all my friends to visit her blog and give her the wonderful encouragement you have given me as well.




So this is my first attempt at writing a blog. I am not computer savy and if those of you who have a interest in reading my blog will be patient with me I am sure in no time at all this blog will look a little more colorful.

I am hoping to share our lives with you. Our life includes our son Joshua. Joshua has Autism, Mood Disorder NOS, ADD/ADHD and several medical DX. My hope is to provide some of our experiences with medications, ABA therapy, IEP’s, and some  sensory intergration with others out there who maybe facing these things now.

I will share our journey with you, how we went from joy of knowing we were having a son, to mourning, acceptance, then work; seeing a different future for Joshua.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is our foundation and Christ is our rock.

Yes there is much to…

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A Tribute For My Mom

For those of you whose mothers are still alive, appreciate them, honor them, and show your love to them daily.  At the young age of 21 I lost my mom to colon cancer.  She was only 58 when she passed on and by a miracle of God that was 3 years longer than the doctors had given her to live.  I wonder often if my life would have been different had my mom been around for most of it.  I learned at 21 that you have to make the most of the time we have with others, because none of us are promised another day or another moment.  Life is too short to hold grudges, and letting anger or hurt come between you and someone you love only ruins your life.  I was blessed to be able to stay with my mom in the hospital her last few weeks of life, and during that time my mom shared a great deal of wisdom with me, and more than a few memories of when she was young.  As she spoke, I wrote each word down in a notebook, which I’ve since handed down to my oldest daughter as a memory of her grandmother who she remembered with love.  Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I decided to post a poem I wrote for my mom on the 2nd anniversary of her passing on. 

Mom with 5 out of the nine children in our family. That is me, the tow-headed blond on her lap.

For Mom

In the midst of my sorrow,

I feel joyful tears.

Though she’s not around today,

I will see her in future years.

She was dear, kind, and sweet,

All the things that make a mother.

She forgave all the things I did.

To me, there could be no other.

She taught me right from wrong,

Although I often chose the wrong way.

When it turned out bad, she picked me up,

And showed me how to start a new day.

For the pain I put her through,

And the love she gave to me,

I know she did the best she could do,

Back then I didn’t, but now I see.

It’s funny how you never realize

Until the time is too late,

How good things were and how she cared,

Then you know as a mom she was great.

She shared the many tears you shed,

Your love, your hopes, and your joys.

She shared you many problems,

Whether school, family, or boys.

Her wish for you was always the best,

Only hoping for that which was good,

But then you chose all the rest,

Instead of that which you should.

She still stood by you,

And yes, she still cared,

If you had just realized

How well you really fared.

She may have yelled, or spanked you,

A couple of times or more.

She did it because you did things wrong.

You know, it hurt her to the core.

It’s not easy being a mom.

You see, I finally know it.

My mother was my role model,

And in her mold, I hope I fit.

Like I said, my mom is gone.

She went to Heaven’s sunny shores.

I know that I did her wrong,

I pray you don’t do the same to yours.

One day, I pray and not to long

I’ll join my Mom in Heaven above.

There I’ll be able to tell her what she meant

And share with her my love.

 I love you, Mom, and I’ll see you one day in Heaven!

Mom and Dad, with 6 of us, friends of my parents, and a soon to be son-in-law (center back row next to my oldest sister). I’m the little one asleep in my mother’s arms.  This was taken just before my little brother, Tim was born and before we left for the Azores.

My mother with my oldest daughter.

My mom and dad with the 7 youngest of the 9 siblings. I’m the one sitting in between my parents. This was taken the last year my dad was in the Air Force, and the same day that my mom found out that perms don’t take in my hair very well. It was suppose to be curly like her’s, but fell out within minutes of leaving the beauty shop. The dress I’m wearing is one my mom made me for Wizard of Oz material.  Mom usually made my clothes, since I was so much younger than my sisters, and raised among most of the boys.  By the time I came along hand me downs wouldn’t happen until I was a teen and my sisters were all married and away from home.  Then they would send things they had grown out of, or I bought my own clothes.  My fondest memories of my mom revolve around sewing ornaments for our Christmas tree, or helping her make a quilt. 

This is the last picture I took of my mom and dad together, our last trip to Chicago to visit my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side of the family. Little did I know it would be the very last of my mom, as she would pass away the beginning of the next year.


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