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What God Sees

What God Sees


Every morning when I rise

I greet the morning sun,

Then I look into the mirror

To see what time has done.


For each heartache, pain, and trial,

That in life I’ve faced,

On the pallet of my skin,

A line or wrinkle’s traced.


How thrilled I am that God can see,

Not the lines of age and pain,

But what’s deep in the heart of  me,

And the joy that life would drain.


He see the love I have for Him,

As in my heart it glows,

He doesn’t see the ugliness,

That life has dealt with blows.


God sees the peace my heart now feels,

Because I am His own.

He sees what’s deep inside of me,

And sees love’s seeds He has sown.


By:  Bonita L. Ledzius…copyright 2007


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