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The Heartbeat of the House

     My family knows me as the one who roams the house at night and usually the last one to go to sleep.  As a mom I found that it is easier to get things done in the late night hours when the children have made their way to a peaceful dreamland, and my husband begins to warn of his approach to the soveriegn land of sleep with his ever growing snore.  That is often when i write, sew, read, and I always spend time with the Lord, before finally joining my family in the nightly ritual of rest.  To preface this poem, it was just such a night, I sat listening to the sounds of the house as I read to myself.  I remember getting up to check on my daughters, my granddaughter and finally my husband, and hearing their soft sleeping sounds, the clock ticking, and soft breezes blowing through the trees outside that I sat down to write this poem.

The Heartbeat of the House


Every house has a heartbeat

That makes the house a home,

And how the heart does beat

Creates warmth or cold stone.

The occupants are who decide

How their heart will beat,

By how they treat each other,

And everyone they meet.

Each human heart gives forth

A message to the home,

Of how the heart should beat,

Like a ticking metronome.

Will it tick softly,

With a calming sense of peace?

Or will its heartbeat race,

As the tension inside does increase?

Every house has a heartbeat,

But does yours make the house a home?

Each occupant’s behavior

Will decide the heartbeat’s tone.


By:  Bonita L. Ledzius…Copyright 2005


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