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Days Of Elijah (Christian Music Video) – YouTube

Behold He Comes…what I’m waiting for, longing for, and praying for!  I see things moving in place just like the Bible Prophecies and I can’t wait to be called home by my Lord and Savior!

Days Of Elijah (Christian Music Video) – YouTube.

This video pretty much describes my mood today, one of hope and anticipation.  I can’t wait until we leave the constraints of this world and this body, and receive a new body, and neverending praise and worship to the King of Kings in Heaven!  But with this joy comes a sorrow for those who are unsaved because I wish we all would be ready to go, and no one would be left behind. My one longing for my children and grandchildren is to see them in Heaven because they found salvation in Jesus Christ.  That is the one thing I pray for daily.


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