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Spring Wreath

The finished wreath

Today my daughter Jk and I sat down and made a new wreath for the front door.  We wanted

Supplies needed



something that could stay up throughout Spring and Summer, and we wanted to have it be something we made together.   So we sat down on my bed and decided what we needed and  as we thought of things Jk ran around the house collecting them.  Then Jk started the first step.  She mixed food coloring, hot water and a tablespoon of vinegar together in cups and dyed about a half of a pack of coffee filters.  When she

Dyed coffee filters

was done dying them, she squeezed out the excess water, and piled them onto a plate covered with paper towels, and threw them in the dryer at a low temperature.  In about a half hour they were dry and we were ready to work on our wreath.

Our supplies were:  Dyed coffee filters, pipe cleaners, beads, jewelry wire, 2 colors of ribbon,  jewelry making tools such as wire cutters and pliars,  rubber bands, a store bought grapevine wreath for the base, and paper cutting scissors.

Jklyn started by placing one coffee filter inside another and wrapping it with a rubber band.  She

Filters cut in half and 6 inches of jewelry wire.

then took the scissors and cut the inside coffee filter like fringe to looks like the stemen of the flowers.  Then I replaced the rubber band with about a 6 inch piece of jewelry wire.  We set these aside when we were finished making all that we needed, which depends on your own feeling about how many flowers you want on your wreath.

Next, we cut green and yellow dyed coffee filters in half, then folded each half in thirds.  Then we gathered the wide end together and wrapped it with about a 6 inch piece of wire to give it the shape of a leaf.

Folding the halved coffee filters into thirds to make leaves.

We decided to make a few butterflies out of pipe cleaners, beads and a coffee filter that had been dyed and fan-folded.  We used the beads as the head and tail, by putting one at the half mark of a pipe cleaner and twisting the pipe cleaner to hold it.  Then we inserted the fan-folder coffee filter and again twisted the two sides of the pipe cleaner to hold it.  Then we put the other bead on one end of the pipe cleaner and pushed it toward the filter, and twisted the two ends of the pipe cleaner together once more.  The two ends of the pipe cleaner were then curled to look like antennas.  Jewelry wire was attached to the back of the butterfly to add them when we were ready.  Jklyn also designed her own butterfly to put on the bow out of pipe

A finished leaf.

cleaners and beads.

When we were done making all the flowers, leaves and butterflies, Jk and I were ready to put the whole wreath together.  I started by using the plain green ribbon around the wreath leaving spaces of about 3 to 4 inches for the flowers and leaves.  Then I took both ribbons and folded them to create a bow, and wrapped wire around it and hook the bow to the wreath.  Next we put the leaves around the wreath, and began adding the flowers making sure we mixed the colors up.  Finally we added the bow and the butterflies around the wreath.

This was a simple project and as you can see, it turned out cute!  Jk was excited and barely paused to let me take a picture of her with the wreath,  It now adorns our front door for us to enjoy until fall.  I have to laugh though, because here we are making something that celebrates warm weather and just a few minutes ago they put us under a Frost Warning.  Oh well, when it gets cold I’ll just look at this wreath and be reminded of warmer weather.

Leaves wired to wreath.


Bow attached and ribbon wrapped around wreath.









One of the butterflies.









Jk with finished wreath.





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Things I love about the Easter season…really the Passover Season.

This is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons.  The joy on my daughter’s and granddaughter’s faces when they see what their basket holds, doing crafts with the girls, reading the story of the real meaning of this holiday to them, going to church and celebrating a risen Savior, watching all the Biblical movies like The Ten Commandments and The Greatest Story Ever Told, making Easter dinner with my family, the smell of all the new Spring flowers, and so much more.

But of all these the thing I love most is knowing that because Jesus was willing to go to that cross, taking our sins upon him, we can have true forgiveness from our sins.  I love that he defeated Hell and the grave and rose on that third day to help us overcome those dark things in our lives.  I love that Jesus ascended to the Father in Heaven and is preparing a place for us with Him.

Some would think this is just a fairytale, but I know better.  I saw the truth when my mother passed away, as she saw Jesus calling her home.  I’ve been close to death many times, before I gave my heart to Jesus and even after.  The peace I have in facing it now is quite different then when I had to face it at 19 when it happened twice in that same year.  I know my Savior is there waiting to call me home, and I know that when I go he will welcome me with open arms.  I also know I don’t deserve it, because I’m no saint.  But that is the glory of this season that it is based on my faith in Jesus Christ, and his gracious and merciful forgiveness of my sins.  I have new life in Christ…the old is gone, the new has come.

That is what this holiday is really about.  It is also the Passover Season, when Jewish people all over the world celebrate God’s protection of the Hebrew people in Egypt when the angel of death brought death to the oldest child of every family in Egypt, and the freedom that God brought them from slavery.  As Christians this is an event that is about our salvation as well.  When we accept Jesus as our Savior our sins are passed over, blotted out, forgiven, and we are also set free from the bondage of sin.  This time of the season is about new life given through the sacrifice of the Lamb.  For the Hebrews it was an actual lamb that was slaughtered and whose blood was painted on the doorpost of the Hebrew homes that let the angel of death know not to enter that they were protected by God.  For us it is the sacrifice of the Lamb of God, and we are washed in His blood for the forgiveness of our sins.  He took those sins upon him at that rugged cross, and he paid the price for us.  And in His Resurrection we see the promise of a new life, and we have a new hope that one day we will also ascend to Heaven to be with Christ.  That day may be soon, because we are not promised a day, and it may not come for a while.  But I know one day it will come, and I know I am ready for it.  Are you?  I wish you a blessed Easter and Passover Season!  May the love and mercy of Christ Jesus fill you with an abundance of hope and joy!


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