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Handimals…A Very Cute Family Activity

A sign dispaying some of their Handimal family units.

This past Saturday, my husband and I took my daughter Jk, on a homeschool field trip to a  local zoo.  It was a great day that I will blog on later, but for this I want to blog about one of the cutest ideas I saw at the zoo.  It is called Handimals.  Basically you paint your hand and press it onto a piece of paper, or other medium for painting such as canvas, newsprint, or even fabric.  Then with permanent markers you turn that handprint into an animal of some kind.  When I saw this being done at the zoo, my mind started racing 100 miles per minute thinking of ways I could use this idea.  What I loved was that they made family units from these handprints.  They would not only have the children make a handprint, but mom, dad, and even grandparents.  I thought what a wonderful way to teach children about animals and about the family in one project.  I took pictures of their display and am posting them so you get the idea.  My daughter just finished a unit learning about the different types of animals, land, desert, artic, ocean and so on.  In each she learned even more about the animals, whether they were mammals, reptiles, birds or amphibians.  She learned about what made each animal special to their environment.  It was a wonderful way to instill in her how vast and awe-inspiring creation is, and in the same way how awesome God is to have created it down to the tiniest bit of DNA.

Usually with each subject we tackle I try to give her a fun project to work on to share what she has learned.  I want to use the idea of Handimals in a project for this portion of her Science for the year.  I thought maybe a quilt for one of her nephews with Handimals on each square.  Another thought was a family tree with each person represented by an animal.  Since she is so close to being a teenager and loves purses and other girly things, I also thought maybe a totebag or purse that she could carry.  Of course knowing my daughter it will have either a leopard, cheetah, or zebra as its main focus.

With this in mind I’m going to let you join in on my decision on what to give her to do.  Do you have an idea on how I could use these Handimals for a project that a tween would love to do?  Please leave a comment giving your idea.   For those in foreign countries, please write in English.  My German, Spanish and Portuguese are very limited, and as far as other languages, I wouldn’t have a clue as to what you are saying, and I really am interested in your ideas no matter what country you are in.  Thank you!


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My First Crocheted Agamaruni Frog

I thought I would try my hand at an Crocheted Agamaruni…freehand, my own frog creation.  This is the outcome, and as you can see it was claimed immediately by my tween.  No… that isn’t a mistake on that long red tongue.  It is a black crocheted fly.  Easy to make, with Spring Green Red Heart Yarn,  scraps of leftover yarn from other projects, and fiberfill.  I can’t wait to get on with my next Agamaruni project.   By Christmas I hope to have one for each of my Grandchildren, but with their favorite colors and animal.


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Valentine’s Day Sweet Treat Baskets…Homemade

Everything for these baskets can be bought at the Dollar Store.  Buy a simple basket or decorative tub or bowl, 1 pack shiny tissue paper in the color of your choice, 3 or 4 bags of different suckers and wrapped candy, popsicle sticks, scotch tape, floral foam blocks to fit basket of choice, green shredded paper to cover foam, plastic trinket boxes, and curly bows or floral bow.  Open up a sheet of tissue paper and center in the bottom of the basket.  Place floral foam in bottom of basket on top of the tissue paper, (you might want to tape or glue the foam down).  Spread shredded paper over the foam, and stuff some in the sides around foam.  Tape some of the packaged candy onto popsicle sticks, and put some into trinket boxes, then tape the boxes to popsicle sticks.  Arrange suckers, and different popsicle sticks with candy or trinket boxes taped to them, into the floral foam.  Then add the bow, which can either be stuck on a popsicle stick and put in foam or just stuck to the side of the basket, your choice.  Now you have a cute gift for children and teens, yes and even adults with a sweet tooth.  The pictures are ones I made for my youngest daughter and my granddaughter for Valentine’s Day, but these could be done for other events too.


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