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contina-a-2-year-old-african-pastor-preacher-girl – YouTube

I couldn’t help sharing this today.  To hear this little 2 and 1/2 year old Africa preaching God’s Word, especially when she says…”Greater is he who is in me, than he that is in the world,” is truly amazing.  She is unbelievable, and you can tell God is just working in her and through her. I think she is imitating her pastor at church, but no matter is shows that a child is listening even at a young age, that they have an innocent faith without damage from the world, and that their love of God is freely expressed.  I hope you enjoy it!

contina-a-2-year-old-african-pastor-preacher-girl – YouTube.


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Unnoticed Moms – YouTube

This is a video I think everyone with a mom should see!  I’m not going to say much else except…How many times has what your mom has done for your family gone unnoticed?  For you husbands…How about what your wife does for your family?

Unnoticed Moms – YouTube.


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Just a Taste of Jk’s New Homeschool Project

On nice weather days, when I’m having a good day as far as pain goes, my youngest daughter, Jk, and I often try to get out for a walk.  I’ve been trying to teach her a little about photography.  After a few of what we call our “photography walks” she has now amassed a number of photos that she has taken herself.  I decided to take this one step further to the computer to show her how to make the most of her photos, so that she could share a message with her photos that would say something about what they said to her, or what God is saying to us through his creation.  So I found a photo program that would allow her to add text, pictures, frames, and clipart to her photos, or that would allow her to mix photos together.  So this is just a taste of what she has been working on, with the hopes that she will be blogging some of them on her own blog.  Enjoy!




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A Tribute For My Mom

For those of you whose mothers are still alive, appreciate them, honor them, and show your love to them daily.  At the young age of 21 I lost my mom to colon cancer.  She was only 58 when she passed on and by a miracle of God that was 3 years longer than the doctors had given her to live.  I wonder often if my life would have been different had my mom been around for most of it.  I learned at 21 that you have to make the most of the time we have with others, because none of us are promised another day or another moment.  Life is too short to hold grudges, and letting anger or hurt come between you and someone you love only ruins your life.  I was blessed to be able to stay with my mom in the hospital her last few weeks of life, and during that time my mom shared a great deal of wisdom with me, and more than a few memories of when she was young.  As she spoke, I wrote each word down in a notebook, which I’ve since handed down to my oldest daughter as a memory of her grandmother who she remembered with love.  Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I decided to post a poem I wrote for my mom on the 2nd anniversary of her passing on. 

Mom with 5 out of the nine children in our family. That is me, the tow-headed blond on her lap.

For Mom

In the midst of my sorrow,

I feel joyful tears.

Though she’s not around today,

I will see her in future years.

She was dear, kind, and sweet,

All the things that make a mother.

She forgave all the things I did.

To me, there could be no other.

She taught me right from wrong,

Although I often chose the wrong way.

When it turned out bad, she picked me up,

And showed me how to start a new day.

For the pain I put her through,

And the love she gave to me,

I know she did the best she could do,

Back then I didn’t, but now I see.

It’s funny how you never realize

Until the time is too late,

How good things were and how she cared,

Then you know as a mom she was great.

She shared the many tears you shed,

Your love, your hopes, and your joys.

She shared you many problems,

Whether school, family, or boys.

Her wish for you was always the best,

Only hoping for that which was good,

But then you chose all the rest,

Instead of that which you should.

She still stood by you,

And yes, she still cared,

If you had just realized

How well you really fared.

She may have yelled, or spanked you,

A couple of times or more.

She did it because you did things wrong.

You know, it hurt her to the core.

It’s not easy being a mom.

You see, I finally know it.

My mother was my role model,

And in her mold, I hope I fit.

Like I said, my mom is gone.

She went to Heaven’s sunny shores.

I know that I did her wrong,

I pray you don’t do the same to yours.

One day, I pray and not to long

I’ll join my Mom in Heaven above.

There I’ll be able to tell her what she meant

And share with her my love.

 I love you, Mom, and I’ll see you one day in Heaven!

Mom and Dad, with 6 of us, friends of my parents, and a soon to be son-in-law (center back row next to my oldest sister). I’m the little one asleep in my mother’s arms.  This was taken just before my little brother, Tim was born and before we left for the Azores.

My mother with my oldest daughter.

My mom and dad with the 7 youngest of the 9 siblings. I’m the one sitting in between my parents. This was taken the last year my dad was in the Air Force, and the same day that my mom found out that perms don’t take in my hair very well. It was suppose to be curly like her’s, but fell out within minutes of leaving the beauty shop. The dress I’m wearing is one my mom made me for Wizard of Oz material.  Mom usually made my clothes, since I was so much younger than my sisters, and raised among most of the boys.  By the time I came along hand me downs wouldn’t happen until I was a teen and my sisters were all married and away from home.  Then they would send things they had grown out of, or I bought my own clothes.  My fondest memories of my mom revolve around sewing ornaments for our Christmas tree, or helping her make a quilt. 

This is the last picture I took of my mom and dad together, our last trip to Chicago to visit my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side of the family. Little did I know it would be the very last of my mom, as she would pass away the beginning of the next year.


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Jk blogs on Indiana

Today while I took a much needed nap, Jklyn did her research and blog post on the Great State of Indiana.  If you have a moment please check it out.  Here’s the link…

Spring in Indiana

Falls in Anderson, Indiana

Covered Bridge in Bean Blossom Indiana

Autumn color in Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana


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Jk’s Homeschool Choir End-of-the-Year Concert


The Beginning of the Concert, Presentation of flags, and Christian Patriotic Music portion.

Last night we attended my daughter Jk’s Homeschool Choir End-of-the-Year Concert.  Their focus this year has been on Missions, and spreading the Gospel.  Every Monday this year she and many homeschooled children meet with the Homeschool Choir Director at our church to learn about music, work on singing and learning to play instruments, and they also have P.E. in our church gym.  They perform many concerts during the year, perform for mission conferences, pastoral conferences, and perform at nursing homes and other churches as well.   They have different groups that they are broken down into such as the elementary age choir, preschool choir, youth choir, mens ensemble, and womens ensemble, along with special groups such as quartets, trios, duets, bell choir, and instrumentals.  Jk has been part of the youth choir which is made up of 5th through 12th graders, womens ensemble, and bell choir.

Jk has a beautiful voice, but is often shy when singing by herself, even though when I led the Children’s Choir at our old church, she would sing solos and duets if I needed her to.  Her Homeschool Director has been working on getting Jk to come out of her shell and have confidence in her abilities, and tonight I saw some of that confidence shine through. Jk loves to sing for Jesus, and I hear her all the time singing in her room, or in the shower, but I think that knowing that mom has a degree in music makes her feel that she won’t measure up, even though I often tell her that I think she has a beautiful voice but that her heart for Jesus makes it an amazing gift that she could use for the glory of God.  She has often seen me sing in church and other things and I think she is afraid that she isn’t good enough.  But she is, and so I have hoped being with another encouraging music teacher would let her see that she is good enough to share her gift with others and use it for God.

Well, tonight was their last concert of the year, and Jk was excited and nervous about it.  I reminded her to look up and smile when she sang, that people want to see her heart for Jesus in her singing, and shining from her beautiful little face.  I was so proud of her, because she worked on her music for a couple of hours today to make sure she had all the words memorized, including the Spanish translation for Via Dolorosa.  Tonight she was focused, smiled, and kept her focus on the director, and the audience, and not only did her growing confidence show, but her love of the Lord Jesus.  I think this year she has taken giant steps to overcome her shyness.  It’s funny because if you give her a script for a play or sketch, she has no lack of confidence.  She loves to act, and is so silly, much like JoAnne Worley, who is a distant cousin of mine (my 5th cousin to be exact.)  Jk does slapstick, loves to do funny voices, and when she is acting on stage she shines, but when it comes to singing…she’s shy.

Well, by now you can tell that I am proud of her, not only for her talents, but because she really has a heart for God, and has since she was born, even more since she gave her heart to Jesus at the age of 5 right in our livingroom, kneeling at our sofa.  She tries always to live following the example Jesus sat, and of all my daughters Jk has a joyful heart, rarely ever looks sad except when she doesn’t feel good.  For the most part, Jklyn is my little angel child, with a few of the normal kid quirks like a messy room, or forgetting to do her chores when I tell her to.  But even then she doesn’t have the normal tween attitudes that are so prevalent in kids in the public schools today.  She is helpful, and basically I’ve been blessed by God to be her mom.  So, yes I am a proud mom of a little angel of God, named Jk.

Here are some of the pics that I wanted to share of her End-of-the-Year Homeschool Choir Concert.  I only wish I could download the video shorts of some of the concert, so you could be blessed by their singing.  Those will go up on my facebook page for the rest of my family to see.

The Homeschool Choir Director welcomes everyone to the Program.




The program began with all the choirs carrying flags from different countries in, following the U.S. flag, the Christian flag, and the flags of all the military branches, while two students in the Homeschool Orchestra played their instruments with the director on piano.












We were given a surprise when a video link from Afghanistan was projected on the wall. This active reservist is a member of our church, whose children are also in the Homeschool Choir. Before he left for Afghanistan he sang in the Adult Church Choir, usually standing right next to me...yep, we are both It was wonderful, because although we could not hear him, he was able to enjoy the whole 3.a.m Afghanistan time. He looked tired, but seemed thrilled to get to see his children sing.












After a couple of songs by the combined choirs, our elementary age choir took the platform to perform a short musical program. The included a couple of quartet numbers, a duet, and a song with sign language, and did a beautiful job. They were joined by our preschool choir for their last 2 songs. Those preschoolers were adorable!









Right after the Elementary choir, the Mens Ensemble took the stage with a surprise, one of the young ladies from the elementary choir joined them to sing a solo along with one of their own soloist. I'm telling you this young lady has a beautiful soprano voice, and she is one of Jk's friends. I had never heard her sing a solo, and I was blown away by the gift God has given her. The mens ensemble followed this song with a few more numbers, including "A Few Good Men" which I love to hear them sing. Imagine if all young men were like these young men of God. What a future this country would have!


To transition from the Mens Ensemble to the Womens Ensemble, we were treated to a trombone solo and vocal solo from this young man. He did a wonderful job, and the music was beautiful.












Jklyn took the platform with the Womens Ensemble. Unfortunately they left the music stand on the stage and Jklyn was standing right behind it, so you can't really see her face in this picture. This choir of young Christian ladies really share their love of God through music. The great thing is the Choir Director assigns older teens as mentors to the younger girls in this choir, to help them learn the music, and to make them feel welcome in the group. Jklyn looks at some of the older girls as if they were her big sisters, which in Christ they are.













For the end of the concert the whole youth choir took the stage, along with a guest director, while the main director played the piano. Jk is the second girl to the right of the director with the black hair. They did a wonderful program with a mixture of southern gospel and contemporary Christian numbers and some hymns. There were solos, accapella numbers, and a whole lot of musical talent and love of God shown.


One of the acapella numbers with the full youth choir.

I didn’t get a picture of the orchestra because it was too dark where they were sitting to the side of the platform, and since the battery on my camara died at the beginning of the program and I was  limited to my cell phone, it was too dark to really get a decent picture.  But they did a wonderful set of Christian instrumental numbers under the direction of our Homeschool Orchestra Director.  At the end of this program they called the parents and grandparents up to join their homeschool child in singing a chorus of “Thank You For Giving to the Lord” and we were all told that they were making a video of this whole concert to send to all the missionaries our church sponsors, to say “Thank You” for giving their lives to the Lord and to Missions.  It was a wonderful program and a great way to close out this year’s mission theme.











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My Daughter is holding me hostage on her blogspot…LOL!

I’m sitting here at the computer, but am being held hostage by my tween daughter, JK.  She wants me to stay on her blog, All in the Life of Jk, so she can watch her stat meters change.  She’s hoping for 50 views in the next few minutes and won’t let me do anything else until she gets those views…lol.  Please rescue me and visit her bloggggggg…Pllleeeeeassseee help meeeeeeee!


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Basset Hounds…My daughter’s latest blog post.

My daughter researched and wrote her latest blog.  Her writing improves daily in little ways, and I’m proud of the excitement she is showing in doing research and then writing about it.  She takes notes, writes a rough draft, and then types it out onto her blog.  What a great way this has been to get her interested in writing reports for homeschooling.  I hope you will check it out and read what she learned about Basset Hounds.  Her own pet is a Basset Hound/Beagle mix, and finding out about one of the breeds of her own pet really excited her.  Here is the link to her new post…


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My daughter’s latest blog post on a Current Historical Event in U.S. History

Please, take a moment to check out my daughter’s latest blog on Current U.S. History.  She is trying to take her learning to research to blog about what she finds out about certain subjects.  Here’s the link…


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Hugs and Kisses, God From Kids Around the World…By: Allia Zobel Nolan…Book Review

Hugs and Kisses, God…From Kids Around the World

By: Allia Zobel Nolan

Genre:  Christian Children’s Book

Reviewed by:  Bonita L. Ledzius

Reviewed on:  April 23, 2012

Publisher:  Zonderkidz/Zondervans Publishing

Publication date:  2011

Thanking God can happen anytime, anywhere, and by yourself or with other people.  The children in “Hugs and Kisses” remind us that we should always be thankful, and that there are many ways to show our thankfulness to God.  From kneeling at our bedside to showing kindness to others, we can be a vessel of praise daily to our Heavenly Father.  Through the poetry and pictures every child who reads, or is read “Hugs and Kisses, God” will be given a treasure that will help them face their future with much more joy…a heart of gratefulness and praise.

The simplicity of the poetic message that Allia Zobel Nobel wrote for this book is wonderful, and will be simple for the beginning reader, and for the baby and toddler listening to understand.  The artwork of Miki Sakamoto is cute and colorful, and will hold the child’s attention easily.  The message is important and expressed in a way that any child would understand, and remember.  It encourages thankfulness in the family and with the family, and I believe it will truly become a family bedtime classic for children.

“Hugs and Kisses, God…From Kids Around the World” is a wonderful book, and a amazing reminder of all the blessings God daily gives us and that we should be thankful for them.  The “Lift-the-flap” style of the book will keep your child entertained, and adds a wonderful surprise extension of the picture and message of each page.  This book should open communication between you and your child on what they are thankful for, or for you to point out things that your child and your family should be thankful for.  I’m thankful to God for giving Allia Zobel Nolan the talent and idea to create this book for our children.

Rating:  G…Perfect for any child, or person, any age.

Copy provided by: Author…Thank you very much!

To see more books by Allia Zobel Nolan check out these sites…


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