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Service At An End

This is a poem I wrote in honor of my husband in 2005, when he retired after serving 22 years in the Navy.  I am so proud of his service to the U.S.A. and for being the husband and father, and Man of God that he is.  At that time he was facing a new chapter in his life, and going into it with great humility.  He never got the big awards that some soldiers get for polishing up the brass of the higher ups, or for taking on politically correct events that many did to get attention.  No my husband kept his nose to the grindstone, doing his job and giving it 110%, not seeking acknowledgement or awards, because to him it was his duty as a citizen of this country.  He served to protect his family and friends.  He served because it was what God led him to do.  My husband served to keep this country free from tyranny, and to insure that this country would remain “One Nation Under God”.  He served to uphold the Constitution of this country.  Yes, I am and always will be proud of my husband for serving this country and for being a man who is willing to stand up for what is right.  I am just as proud of my father who served 35 years total in the Army and Air Force, of my 4 brothers, and 3 brother-in-laws who served in the Air Force, of my father-in-law who served in the Marines, and I am also very proud of my stepson who is serving in the Marines right now.  So this poem, although written for my husband, is for those in my family and all our military men and women who have and are serving right now.  You may not see the scars from their sacrifice for you and our country, but they bear them everyday for the rest of their lives.  Never let a chance slip by to tell these brave men and women thank you, or to do a kindness for them, whether it is a cup of coffee in the airport, a hug, or just the word “Thank You”.  If you have the chance to send a care package to a soldier, do it, because it means the world to them.  And if you get the chance to help a military family, please do it.  I know as a military kid and wife, they are often away from their families for extended times, and their children and spouses really need to be supported and thanked as well for allowing their dads or moms to go and fight for your freedom.  Most of all, pray for them and their families!

Service At An End

By: Bonita L. Ledzius…copyright 2005


He spent over twenty years,

Giving to this land.

He fought and suffered greatly,

As a military man.

Now his time is up.

His service is at an end.

He’s waiting for the future,

The rest of life to begin.

He worries about the future.

What will life hold for him?

Will normal life show respect

For a man who’s free again?

Will they recognize his service?

Will they know his sacrifice?

Will the outside world honor him,

Or turn a shoulder hard with ice?

Now I, who shares his daily life,

Could never be more proud,

Of this man who served his country,

And I’ll proclaim my pride aloud!



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