25 Mar

Another great blog I had to reblog and share. It has a great approach to the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus from a believer’s viewpoint. Enjoy and may God bless you through Christina’s writing.


Isaiah 53 5

When I was photographing a wedding last fall, I saw this large cross hanging in the back of an old church in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. Crosses hanging in churches, houses and from people’s necks never quite capture the horrific physical, emotional and spiritual experience Jesus Christ endured for us. During the time Jesus lived, crosses were a common symbol of execution. Today it might be the electric chair. It would seem strange to Christians back then to see people publicly display a cross like we do today. The Romans murdered Christians every single day on the cross as a way to say, “Don’t mess with Rome.” The bodies were left in place to rot and decompose. They were considered “food for the crows, scraps for the dogs.” The cross would be a just another symbol of history if it were not for Jesus Christ. He was the only innocent man…

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