02 Feb

From my friend at Daily Enduring Truth. I guarentee this will make you look at your witness for Christ differently!

Daily Enduring Truth

My family has a strong family resemblance. I remember visiting with my father once when my eldest son was less than a year old. He pulled out a picture and I racked my brains wondering how and why someone had put my son in a dress for a picture and how my dad got it and I didn’t. It was, in reality, a picture of my younger sister. My wife has often joked that I could never disown my kids but she has often wondered if she could claim not to be the mother. (Not that either of us would want to take that step. We have great kids!) One look at my children and everyone knows that we are family.

I know this is slightly out of context, but continuing the story of Peter’s denial of Jesus, the first instance comes when a servant girl looked at him: “A…

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