20 Dec

Here is another lesson about Jesus that you can use this Christmas with your family. This is one of my favorite blogs to read. I hope you enjoy it!


Materials: small Christmas tree; Adornaments (I had no idea these weren’t made anymore. But you can easily make your own. I’ve lost one and added to these. They work well.)

[As you go through each name of Jesus, add the ornament to the tree.]

Why are names important? [They tell you what to call something; they describe something] Names in Bible times were very important. Most of the time, family names were passed from father to son. Many times names were given to a baby to describe physical or personality traits. Some names even referred to what the child would be like in the future. Can you think of some people in the Bible who had their names changed? [Abram-Abraham; Sarai-Sarah; Jacob-Israel]

One person, in scripture, who is called by many names, is Jesus. He even called Himself by many names. And all of these names teach us more about…

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