Poems From Heaven…By: Uzoaga Kelechukwu

12 Jun

Poems From Heaven…By: Uzoaga Kelechukwu

Genre: Christian Poetry

Reviewed By:  Bonita Ledzius

Reviewed On:  June 12, 2012

Publisher:  Trafford Publishing

Published in:  2011

“Poems From Heaven”  is a collection of poetry that expresses all things about Christianity, from Scripture to Salvation.  Written in 5 simple chapters, the poet Uzoaga Kelechukwu, expresses his heart and soul for God.  Each chapter has a few poems addressing the theme of that chapter.  The poetry is simple, but very expressive, encouraging, and very thought-provoking.   One of my favorite quotes from the author of this book reads… “ Once you are in God’s will, once you are walking according to his purpose, you can be rest assured that He is in control, and since his thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace and not of evil, he will cause everything to work out for your good.  No matter how bad or impossible it looks.”  Uzoaga Kelechukwu expresses this thought throughout his own writing about his own relationship with Christ.

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