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Days Of Elijah (Christian Music Video) – YouTube

Behold He Comes…what I’m waiting for, longing for, and praying for!  I see things moving in place just like the Bible Prophecies and I can’t wait to be called home by my Lord and Savior!

Days Of Elijah (Christian Music Video) – YouTube.

This video pretty much describes my mood today, one of hope and anticipation.  I can’t wait until we leave the constraints of this world and this body, and receive a new body, and neverending praise and worship to the King of Kings in Heaven!  But with this joy comes a sorrow for those who are unsaved because I wish we all would be ready to go, and no one would be left behind. My one longing for my children and grandchildren is to see them in Heaven because they found salvation in Jesus Christ.  That is the one thing I pray for daily.


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contina-a-2-year-old-african-pastor-preacher-girl – YouTube

I couldn’t help sharing this today.  To hear this little 2 and 1/2 year old Africa preaching God’s Word, especially when she says…”Greater is he who is in me, than he that is in the world,” is truly amazing.  She is unbelievable, and you can tell God is just working in her and through her. I think she is imitating her pastor at church, but no matter is shows that a child is listening even at a young age, that they have an innocent faith without damage from the world, and that their love of God is freely expressed.  I hope you enjoy it!

contina-a-2-year-old-african-pastor-preacher-girl – YouTube.


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Unnoticed Moms – YouTube

This is a video I think everyone with a mom should see!  I’m not going to say much else except…How many times has what your mom has done for your family gone unnoticed?  For you husbands…How about what your wife does for your family?

Unnoticed Moms – YouTube.


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Just a Taste of Jk’s New Homeschool Project

On nice weather days, when I’m having a good day as far as pain goes, my youngest daughter, Jk, and I often try to get out for a walk.  I’ve been trying to teach her a little about photography.  After a few of what we call our “photography walks” she has now amassed a number of photos that she has taken herself.  I decided to take this one step further to the computer to show her how to make the most of her photos, so that she could share a message with her photos that would say something about what they said to her, or what God is saying to us through his creation.  So I found a photo program that would allow her to add text, pictures, frames, and clipart to her photos, or that would allow her to mix photos together.  So this is just a taste of what she has been working on, with the hopes that she will be blogging some of them on her own blog.  Enjoy!




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And He Still Loves Her…An Anniversary Tribute to my Sister and Brother-in-Law

In love, together forever and ever!

My sister and her husband

Fourty-four years ago this month, a young Airman and a younger woman walked down the aisle, said vows before God, their families, and many friends.  They vowed to stay together, to honor and cherish each other, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health, forsaking all others, until death do they part.  In a world that a lasting commitment has become a rare thing, this couple has become an example that it can happen, if they truly love each other, respect each other, care for each other, take care of each other, and allow God to not only bless their marriage but to put his will first in their marriage.  That couple is my 3rd oldest big sister, and her husband.  Now I have to tell you that all 3 of my oldest sisters and my oldest big brother have been married to their first loves forever.  But I’m writing this to honor this sister and her husband who are celebrating their 44th Wedding Anniversary this month of May, 2012.  Around 12 years ago I wrote some lyrics for a song that were inspired by this sister of mine.  I have always admired how her husband, no matter how long they have been married, still seemed to be courting her.  He would write her little love notes each day, call her while he was at work just to say that he loved her, and when they were together he opened doors for her, held her hand, and usually had his arm around her.  Now I have to tell you, that when I was younger and having trouble with my dad, it was my brother-in-law who usually I looked up to as an example of a good father.  My sister and brother-in-law would take us places, let us stay with them in the summer, and were like a second set of parents to us younger siblings.  When I needed clothes, they often bought me things to wear.  My sister and I would often have the same dress, in the same colors, because they would know I needed one too.  When I was 15 and ran away from home because of something Dad said, and something one of my brothers did to hurt my sister, it was my Brother-in-law and sister who came to get me as I was walking and took me to their house to stay.  This is the sister and brother-in-law who took us to the drive-in movies with them, introduced us to mugs of rootbeer, took us to his mom and dad’s home, told us jokes, took me to the hospital for the births of both of my natural daughters, and in fact, my sister was in the delivery room with me when Jk was born by C-section.  She was the one who nicknamed Jk, Ladybug, and her husband was the one who actually came up with Jk’s first name.  So you can see they have been a big part of my life.  I don’t know what life would be like without my sister and brother-in-law in it.  My sister told me today that the reason their marriage has lasted so long is because Jesus Christ was in the center of it, and they worked at it.  So today, I’m sharing the lyrics I wrote for them as an anniversary tribute to their lasting love.

On their wedding day, 44 years ago.

And He Still Loves Her

Reminiscing on days gone by,

when first he held her close,

There was no doubt inside his heart,

That he would love her most.

He knew back then he’d spend his days

Showing her the love inside.

It wasn’t something he’d hold back,

Nor something he could hide.



And he still loves her,

More and more each day.

And he still loves her,

More than words can say.

So he takes a moment everyday

To share the love he feels,

In a note, a call, and a little touch,

So she’ll know his love is real.



Reminiscing on days long past,

As she stood right by his side,

Remembering all the love he felt,

As she then became his bride.

How willingly she made the vow,

That promised him her heart.

He knew right then that this special love,

Would never let them part.



And he still loves her,

More and more each day.

And he still loves her,

More than words can say.

So he takes a moment everyday,

To share the love he feels,

In a note, a call, and a little touch,

So she’ll know his love is real.



Today they sat together,

In rockers side by side.

His eyes are filled with love,

Her heart is filled with pride.

He’ll know no other lover,

Who’ll take his heart away,

And forever he will love her,

Long past their dieing days.



And he still loves her,

More and more each day.

And he still loves her,

More than words can say.

So he takes a moment everyday,

To share the love he feels,

In a note, a call, and a little touch,

So she’ll know his love is real.



Over fourty years have passed,

Since he first made her his bride.

They vowed that day before their God

As they stood there side by side.

The Lord has been there ever since,

To help them keep their vow.

His presence in their hearts and lives,

Still keeps their love strong now.



And he still loves her,

More and more each day.

And he still loves her,

More than words can say.

So he takes a moment everyday,

To share the love he feels,

In a note, a call, and a little touch,

So she’ll know his love is real.

And He still loves her.
Yes, He still loves her.

He’ll always love her.

    By:  Bonita L. Ledzius… copyright 1999


My sister and brother-in-law with their children.

Still walking together, with his arm around her.

Being silly, but they are just down home good people.

Happy 44th Anniversary, B.J. and Nelda!

(I invite anyone who would like to send blessings to them on this special anniversary to leave a comment below.)



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I love to listen to Perry Stone and have read a few of his books. I find a great deal of wisdom in his teaching that is strictly Bible based. I also love the way he shares the History and Land of Israel along with it! Thank you to “My Blog” for originally posting this!

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Doctor’s journey ‘To Heaven and Back’ | Video | Fox News

What a message of hope and love for all those who believe in Jesus Christ!  If you are going through hard things I pray this will give you the encouragement that when you give it all over to God, he will see through.  I know it was an encouragement to me after another day of chest pains.  I felt God giving me the knowledge of what to do to stop them, and after praying I saw the hand of God at work.  My neighbor who is a nurse at our local hospital had just left his house when the pain came on.  Only my daughter, Jk, and I were home and you could see the fear in her eyes. I told her to pray, and reminded her that God hears our prayers, and then I had her look for aspirin, because they gave me aspiring in the hospital.  She couldn’t find it.  Jk then called her dad and asked him where it would be.  He told her where to look, but there was none.  He told her to go next door and see if our neighbor had some, and she let him know that the neighbor had left.  So I asked her to go across the street to an older neighbor and see if they had some.  Just as she was going outside, our neighbor pulled back in just minutes after he left, and when she asked the neighbor went in, got the asprin and then asked her if she needed an ambu.lance.  She told him she didn’t think so, because the last time they gave me asperin first when we got to the hospital, but she would let him know.  She ran back in, and I took the asperin and a med they gave me a month ago for chest congestion.  Jklyn then went and heated up the heating pad to put on my back to see if it took the inflamation and pain down in my back as well.  I laid down for about 15 minutes and the pain started to go away.  I called my husband and let him know I was doing better, and he told me to stay in bed and rest.  He got home, with 4 bottles of aspirin for the house, and dinner.  Resting here now I came on this video and it really touched my heart.  The  last time I couldn’t think clearly through the pain, but this time God gave me clear enough thought to be able to guide Jklyn through what to do to help.  God cares for us, but we have to remember to give him every single day, and every moment in that day!

Here is the link to the video.  I can’t wait to get this Doctor’s book and read it.

Doctor’s journey ‘To Heaven and Back’ | Video | Fox News.


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A Tribute For My Mom

For those of you whose mothers are still alive, appreciate them, honor them, and show your love to them daily.  At the young age of 21 I lost my mom to colon cancer.  She was only 58 when she passed on and by a miracle of God that was 3 years longer than the doctors had given her to live.  I wonder often if my life would have been different had my mom been around for most of it.  I learned at 21 that you have to make the most of the time we have with others, because none of us are promised another day or another moment.  Life is too short to hold grudges, and letting anger or hurt come between you and someone you love only ruins your life.  I was blessed to be able to stay with my mom in the hospital her last few weeks of life, and during that time my mom shared a great deal of wisdom with me, and more than a few memories of when she was young.  As she spoke, I wrote each word down in a notebook, which I’ve since handed down to my oldest daughter as a memory of her grandmother who she remembered with love.  Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, I decided to post a poem I wrote for my mom on the 2nd anniversary of her passing on. 

Mom with 5 out of the nine children in our family. That is me, the tow-headed blond on her lap.

For Mom

In the midst of my sorrow,

I feel joyful tears.

Though she’s not around today,

I will see her in future years.

She was dear, kind, and sweet,

All the things that make a mother.

She forgave all the things I did.

To me, there could be no other.

She taught me right from wrong,

Although I often chose the wrong way.

When it turned out bad, she picked me up,

And showed me how to start a new day.

For the pain I put her through,

And the love she gave to me,

I know she did the best she could do,

Back then I didn’t, but now I see.

It’s funny how you never realize

Until the time is too late,

How good things were and how she cared,

Then you know as a mom she was great.

She shared the many tears you shed,

Your love, your hopes, and your joys.

She shared you many problems,

Whether school, family, or boys.

Her wish for you was always the best,

Only hoping for that which was good,

But then you chose all the rest,

Instead of that which you should.

She still stood by you,

And yes, she still cared,

If you had just realized

How well you really fared.

She may have yelled, or spanked you,

A couple of times or more.

She did it because you did things wrong.

You know, it hurt her to the core.

It’s not easy being a mom.

You see, I finally know it.

My mother was my role model,

And in her mold, I hope I fit.

Like I said, my mom is gone.

She went to Heaven’s sunny shores.

I know that I did her wrong,

I pray you don’t do the same to yours.

One day, I pray and not to long

I’ll join my Mom in Heaven above.

There I’ll be able to tell her what she meant

And share with her my love.

 I love you, Mom, and I’ll see you one day in Heaven!

Mom and Dad, with 6 of us, friends of my parents, and a soon to be son-in-law (center back row next to my oldest sister). I’m the little one asleep in my mother’s arms.  This was taken just before my little brother, Tim was born and before we left for the Azores.

My mother with my oldest daughter.

My mom and dad with the 7 youngest of the 9 siblings. I’m the one sitting in between my parents. This was taken the last year my dad was in the Air Force, and the same day that my mom found out that perms don’t take in my hair very well. It was suppose to be curly like her’s, but fell out within minutes of leaving the beauty shop. The dress I’m wearing is one my mom made me for Wizard of Oz material.  Mom usually made my clothes, since I was so much younger than my sisters, and raised among most of the boys.  By the time I came along hand me downs wouldn’t happen until I was a teen and my sisters were all married and away from home.  Then they would send things they had grown out of, or I bought my own clothes.  My fondest memories of my mom revolve around sewing ornaments for our Christmas tree, or helping her make a quilt. 

This is the last picture I took of my mom and dad together, our last trip to Chicago to visit my aunts and uncles on my mother’s side of the family. Little did I know it would be the very last of my mom, as she would pass away the beginning of the next year.


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Lady Anne’s Quest…By:Susan Page Davis

Lady Anne’s Quest

By:  Susan Page Davis

Genre:  Christian Romance

Reviewed by:  Bonita L. Ledzius

Reviewed on:  May 6, 2012

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Publication date:  2012

Reviewed for : Radiant

Anne Stone has crossed the Atlantic, and all the way across the American Frontier to the Oregon Territory, looking for David Stone, the last living brother of her late father,  the Earl of Stoneford.  She had spurned the affections of fellow traveler, Dan Stone, but now, so close to the end of her journey, Annd found that she may need his help and protection more than she ever thought she would.  Having kept her real identity as Lady Stone, and her real reason for the trip a secret so that she would not be treated special by her fellow travelers, but also for her safety, Anne had been able to travel without many problems so far.  Yet, more than one person is out to get the inheritance that rightfully belongs to her uncle, and to continue the journey to find her uncle on her own would be too dangerous.  Will trusting Dan to go with her to find her uncle, leave him with the idea that she was interested in a relationship with him?  Was her uncle still alive, or had he become the victim of foul play?

Dan Adams had begun his journey across country to settle in Oregon with his brother, Hector, and become a farmer, but when he met Anne Stone, a young English woman also from the wagon train everything changed.  He fell in love with her right from the first moment, and hoped by the time they reached Oregon Anne would consent to be his wife and settle in Oregon with him.  Anne was friendly to Dan, but his hopes were dashed when she spurned his offer.  Now that they had reached Oregon, Dan decided to continue with the wagon train in hopes that Anne will change her mind once she finds her uncle.  Little did Dan know that the last part of Anne’s journey would be the most dangerous, and when she would need him most, especially with some mysterious person bent on sabotaging their trip.  Would Anne ever except Dan’s offer of marriage?  Who had twisted up their tack for the horses more than once, and cut the bridge that would get them over the river and on to Anne’s uncle’s mining camp?  How much danger were they really in?

To read more of this review go to…


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Jk blogs on Indiana

Today while I took a much needed nap, Jklyn did her research and blog post on the Great State of Indiana.  If you have a moment please check it out.  Here’s the link…

Spring in Indiana

Falls in Anderson, Indiana

Covered Bridge in Bean Blossom Indiana

Autumn color in Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana


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