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We are Family! I Got All My Sister Bloggers With Me!

Wow…Another Blogger Award!  I am overwhelmed, but I have to say I’m thrilled to get this one, because of who it came from…Bird, from Everyone Has a Story…   I’ve come to think of Bird as a younger sister through her blog and her funny and sincere comments.  She makes me laugh often, brings me to tears just as much, and although she likes to appear tough I’ve found her to be a caring and compassionate, and very wise person.  If I had a little sister, which I don’t, I would want her to be a lot like Bird.  Although if she had been my sister, she probably wouldn’t be the woman she is, because I tend to be an overprotective sibling.  What Bird has been through has made her the person she is, especially her overcomer attitude, and that is one of the things I love most about her.  So I’m happy to be her sister-in-Christ, and to know her as she is now!  Thank you, Bird, for this nomination!

I’m not sure what the requirements are for this, so I’m going to follow Bird’s example, especially after already sharing so much with the last two awards I posted on.  So…here is one more thing about me, that you probably don’t know.  There is only one thing left on my bucket list…Go to Heaven in the Rapture!  Yep, that’s about it.  I’ve done everything that I’ve ever dreamed of, much because of God’s leading, and not because that is where I was headed at the time.  No, it was all his doing, and it was an amazing journey because all the way it was evident he was at work in how each new part of that journey.  God made it happen, and all the glory and praise goes to Him!

Next I have to give this award to others.  I’m not sure how many, and I’ve nominated so many for the last two awards that I’m going to limit myself to only 5, all who are women in the blogging world that I see as Sister Bloggers and Sisters-in-Christ.  Here they are…






Well, that pretty much does it.  There were many other bloggers that I could have listed, but I think I’ll save them for the next time.  Congratulations to the 5 bloggers I’ve listed.  Thank you for opening your hearts on your blog, and for sharing your faith in Jesus Christ through your wonderful words!


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Here Comes the Sun(shine)!

Sorry for the title of this post, but everytime I see this award’s picture on anyone’s blog there are certain songs that run through my mind…”Here Comes the Sun” which I believe is correctly entitled “It’s Alright”, “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam” which is a song from my childhood, and “You are My Sunshine”.  I often have this experience when people say things or I see or hear things that remind me of a song.  In fact, today my clothes dryer was making a thumping noise that reminded me of the song “We Will Rock You”, and yes I began singing with it, until Jk came into the room with a look on her face like I was crazy.  What can I say, it’s a gift and a curse (mostly to my children who think it is embarrassing…lol.)

Well, it has taken a while to post about this award, but I figured since I’m having a good internet day, I should get it done now.  Thank you who nominated me for this a week or two ago.  I said it had been awhile, didn’t I?   You are a bit of sunshine in each day I read your blog posts.  You are a sweet person, who really has an adventurous heart.  Why else would you live in another country alone, if not for being an adventurous soul?  I love reading about your life there, and about your interest.  It makes me feel like a much younger me.

Now for the requirements of this award.  They are as follows…

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you!

Let’s see 10 things about myself…hmm…what to say that you don’t know from my blog?

1.  My name means Beautiful Fight.

2.  I found out the meaning of my name after a fight where I ended up with 2 black eyes, and my mother and sister came home after my sister’s OBGYN appointment and shopping for her baby to be.  She was living at home while her husband was serving in Vietnam during the war.  Mom came into the kitchen saying, “Bonnie do you know what your real name means?”  She stopped dead when she saw me holding 2 steaks to my eyes, and haltingly said “Beau-ti-ful Fight.”  Then after a slight paused she continued…”And I see you are living up to that name.”

3.  My mom sent me to Charm School in 7th grade because she caught me and my brothers fighting with some neighbor boys because we caught them getting my baby brother to smoke cigarettes.  She wanted me to start acting like a young lady.

4.  I had a reputation as a loner and a fighter in high school.  But I wasn’t a bully, instead I didn’t like bullies and most of my fighting was protecting someone else from a bully.  I usually caught them outside of school to confront them though.

5.  As a child living in Mississippi in base housing, we were surrounded by a swamp that separated us from the V.A. hospital.  My brothers and I used to climb trees at the edge of the swamp, and use nets to catch Water Moccasins, then hang them from the trees with the nets, in hopes that the Military Police who patroled both sides of the swamp would be frightened by them.  Yep, we got in trouble for it!

6.  I actually finally got my degree in Music/Vocal Performance at the age of 37.  What can I say, marriage, children and life happens and it took a while to go back to college and finish up.

7.  I am short, yet I’m the tallest of my sisters by 1/2 inch and that is important to me…lol.

8. I have eyes that change colors, and some of my family can tell what mood I’m in by the color of my eyes.  They say when I’m being mischievious they are dark brown.  When I’m angry, they say my eyes get a goldish tint to them.  And only my husband knows what mood I’m in when they are green, and I plan on keeping it that way…lol.

9.  I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon with my oldest daughter, when she was in 8th grade.

10.  I’ve been on a few mission trips to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.

Okay, with the 10 things out of the way, the next part is to nominate 10 to 12 other bloggers for the award.  I’m going to pick ones that bring sunshine to my life whenever I read their posts.  So…here goes…

1. In its simplicity, through word and photos, this blog never lets me leave it without some type of introspection on my part.

2. of Everyone Has A Story  Bird can make you think while you are laughing with her through the life experiences she shares.  One of my favorite blogs.  I think I’m addicted to Bird and her blog.

3.  This blogger always has great ideas that I can build upon for my own daughter’s homeschooling experience.

4.  This blogger always has great ideas that I can build upon for my own daughter’s homeschooling experience.

5.  A true sense of humor that makes dealing with the news of the day easier to digest.

6.  From the heart of the family, and the blogger, this site will bring a smile to my face each time I read it.

7.  This blogger said they were ending their blog after 365 days, but I’m hoping they will continue and maybe do another 365 days of Prayer, or 365 days of Worship.  It has been a real encouragement to me, to keep praising no matter what I’m going through.

8.  of My Blog.  She is a real encourager!

9.  Some beautiful photography that just brings joy to me.

10.  From day one of my intro to blogging I have found this to be a very thought provoking blog.

Now all I have to do is notify these bloggers and 2 of 3 awards are done.  Yes, I just found out I was nominated for another.  So on to finishing this one, cook dinner, eat, and in the words of the Terminator…”I’ll be back!”


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And the Award Goes To…

In the past few weeks I’ve been honored to be nominated for a couple of awards.  I’ve been having trouble with my internet connection through our cable company (the only one in our area for some reason I’m oblivious to), and so I haven’t been able to blog these awards without losing my connection 15 minutes into writing.  Well, I’m going to try again today, and hope I get through it. 

The first of these is the “One Lovely Blog Award”.  I want to thank for the nomination.  I have to say there are certain blogs that have become so much like family to me that when this internet connection thing is working I can’t wait to see how they are doing, and what words of encouragement and life they have for everyone in the blogosphere.  Home to go 232 is one of those for me.  Her words of faith, and of overcoming her struggles in life are heartwarming and really have urged me to press on.  Thank you Home to Go232!

Now the rules for this award are as follows…

    • Share who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.  (see above)
    • Write down seven random facts about yourself.
    • Give this award to fifteen other bloggers.
    • Let them know they’ve won.
    • Pop the award on my blog.

Now for 7 random facts about me…hmm.  Now this is kind of hard for me, because I’ve never been one to focus on myself thanks to my mom who was a humble woman and taught me to look away from myself as much as possible.  For that reason, I’m going to try to give you facts that my mother would share with you.  Some of these I remember, but others are stories my mother would tell about me from when I was younger than 4.

1.  When I was a 2 year old my father was stationed in the Azores.  My mother had 2 stories about me during that period of time.  The first was about my little brother and I, and how we responded to the native Portuguese children who would rummage through our trash.  My mom used to tell about how one day we were playing outside and she heard a bunch of children crying.  When she went outside to see what was wrong, the children told her that my brother and I had bitten them in the backside when they were looking in our trash cans.  Of course we got in trouble, but those children never got in our trash cans again.  Lesson learned, toddlers are better at watching out for your home than a watchdog.

2. The second story my mother would tell about my terrible twos is about a time when I got into something I wasn’t suppose to.  When we lived in the Azores there were no Protestant churches at all.  So the military families that were stationed there had to find Bible studies and Prayer meetings that were being held in fellow military members homes.  My mom and dad were one of the families that started having meetings in our home.  Many of the local Portuguese women worked for military families as maids and nannies, and we were blessed to have a lady name Maria who worked as both for us.  That is pretty much the reason my baby brother’s first language was Portuguese, and I spoke both English and Portuguese by the time I was 4, although both of us have forgotten most of the Portuguese now.  Anyway, we had a maid’s bathroom in our home, so that she would never have to wait for our large family to get into the restroom.  This room was also used to store things that were being worked on.  My mother at this time had decided to varnish our kitchen chairs on the day we were hosting a Prayer Meeting in the evening.  When she finished with the last chair it was time for her to get ready for that meeting, so she put the lid on the varnish and set the last chair in the maid’s bathroom, along with the varnish, paint brush and screw driver, and decided it could dry there until the next day.  As the time neared for my dad to come home from work, the house was a-buzz with preparation.  My oldest sister was in the family’s bathroom getting ready, and taking longer than usual because her fiance’ was coming over for the meeting.  When dad came in, he was in a hurry because he had diarrhea.  When he couldn’t get into the family bathroom, my dad rushed to the maid’s bathroom.  It only took a few minutes before he was screaming at the top of his lungs.  When mom went into the bathroom to see what was wrong, she found my dad stuck to the toilet seat, and much of the sink, toilet, and shower covered with a fresh coat of varnish, just sticky enough to trap anything that landed on it.  The can of varnish was open, the screwdriver handle was wet with varnish, and varnish dripped from the paintbrush.  Mom began looking for the culprit and when she came to me and asked if I had been in the maid’s bathroom, I proudly proclaimed in my 2 year old voice…”Yes Mommy, and I made it all pretty like the chairs.”  Yes, I had gone into the bathroom, figured out how to open the can of varnish, and painted everything I could reach.  The paint was just sticky enough that when my dad sat down he was stuck real good to that toilet seat, and he was angry.  It took my soon-to-be brother-in-law an hour to get dad off that toilet.  Lesson learned…never leave painting supplies within reach of an artistic toddler.

3.  Mom used to tell of how as a 3 year old I sang Christian songs in a group with two other 3 year old girls.  We would travel from meeting to meeting sharing Jesus in song.  Just before I turned 4, my father was stationed back in the states, and we had to travel from the Azores to Mississippi.  Mom said when we were on the flight from the East Coast, I decided to entertain the crowd on the plane, which included many southern senators leaving Washington D.C. for their homes in the south.  According to mom, I walked up and down the aisles of that plane singing “Jesus Loves Me”, and various other Christian songs, stopping to tell people in between that Jesus loved them too.   She said though that even the senators thought it was the cutest thing and applauded at the end of each song.  Lesson learned…even a young child can be an evangelist when they believe in Jesus.

4.  We finally got to Mississippi, and settled in a “Family Barracks” until we could get our housing assignment.  Here is where mom tells most of the stories about me, her very imaginative daughter.  One of her favorite memories was of one day when she was working in the kitchen and heard me singing in the front room.  Like any mother she snuck in to see what I was up to, and to listen to me sing.  What she saw, was this now 4 year old standing on the big Family Bible singing at the top of my lungs, “Standing on the Promises”.  It was mom’s first realization how literal I took everything.

5.  While we were living in the family barracks at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, we often went out to play with other children living in the barracks too.  My mother, because of her German heritage, had developed a quick friendship with a fellow military wife named Maria, who was actually from Germany.  Maria had married a airman when he was stationed in Germany, and had come with him to America when he was restationed back in the states.  My mother and Maria were often together, drinking coffee, helping each other with laundry, and watching the children.  One such day, as they came out to hang clothes on the clothesline to dry, they found me sitting and digging up the ground below  the clothesline.  They asked me what I was doing, and I ignored their question and kept digging.  For the next probably a half hour while they hung clothes up, they continued to ask me what I was doing, and I continued to ignore them, but grew frustrated with the way they were bothering me.  In my mind, I kept thinking…”Really, you can’t see I’m digging in the dirt?”  Even then I tended toward having an attitude.  Finally, fed up with their constant questioning, I decided to give them an answer.  “I’m digging for the devil!”  Maria and my mom stopped what they were doing and looked at me sort of stunned to hear that answer from a 4 year old.  “Now why would you do that?”, my mother asked.  “Because I’m gonna take him to church and get him saved!”  “Wow, I never thought of doing that,” my mother said with a tad bit of motherly pride.  “Well, then we will leave you alone, but let us know if you find the devil.”  With that my mom and Maria went back into our living quarters to share a cup of coffee, and I returned to my digging.  But I didn’t stop until I found this nice black rock, sparkly and smooth, and I decided that I would tell them this was the devil and would take it to church every Sunday.  I would not let anyone think my search for Satan was futile, nor would I let them think I hadn’t kept my vow to take him to church.  Whether he got saved or not was between him and God.  So each Sunday after that I sat that rock next to me in the pew and when someone asked I just answered…”This is the devil, and I brought him here to church to get him saved.”  Lesson learned…Don’t bug a creative child when she is really making mud pies, because she will give you something really ingenious to think about.

6.  Around this same time, I noticed that Mommy was putting on quite a bit of weight, but never asked her why.  I always thought it was all that coffee her and Maria drank each day.  But one day I saw Mommy being taken away in an ambulance, and I didn’t know why.  You see issues of sex, childbirth and other womanly things were not talked about in our family, so I was clueless as to what was going on.  I was crying, and went to my sister, Nelda (yes, the same one I wrote about her anniversary), and I asked why they were taking mommy away.  Her answer was Mom has a headache, and they have to make her feel better.  A few days later, Mommy came home, but she had a wiggling little bundle in her arms.  I was introduced to my new baby brother, the youngest of all 9 siblings.  From that day on, I thought every time someone had a headache they were going to have a baby.  Thank you, Nelda, for sharing with me the facts of life!  Lesson learned…Don’t depend on an older sister to really tell you the truth…especially if she is the mischievious one.

7.  This memory is one that I’ve had to explain over and over to my daughter, Jk, this past week.  Why am I missing 1 permanent tooth on each side of the bottom of my mouth?  At the age of 7, we were finally in our new base housing, a brick house with a carport attached to it.  Between each house was a wooden fence about 6 foot tall, allowing each home a bit of privacy.  At 7, I suddenly got the hankering to be a circus performer.  I wanted to be the most amazing tightrope walker, and decided I needed to practice.  So one day I decided to use that fence as my tightrope.  I was a little tomboy, and so climbing trees were a norm for me.  Climbing up to the fence was nothing, but the challenge of walking across it was a challenge, and about halfway across I fell off, smacking my cheek on the cement and breaking off the tooth on the lower right side of my mouth.  Mom came running out to see what had happened, and found that I had broken no bones, but had a bleeding gum, and broken tooth.  She took me to the dentist on base, and deciding it was too damaged, the dentist pulled this broken permanent tooth.  After a day or two, my mom asked how I fell and why I was walking on the fence.  I told her that I was practicing to be a tightrope walker.  She told me that if I continued to practice I would probably knock all my teeth out eventually.  I guess she knew trying to get me to stop would be like pulling a tooth because I was her stubborn child who would not give up until I mastered whatever I was attempting.  I didn’t stop either.  About a month later, after my gum had healed from the first tooth being pulled, I tried again, and again I fell off the fence.  Sure enough I hit the other side of my face and broke the tooth on my lower leftside of my mouth.  Another trip to the dentist and another permanent tooth pulled, and I finally gave up my future in tightrope walking.  There was no way I wanted to walk around toothless for the rest of my life from more accidents from walking on that fence.  I was lucky not to have broken anything else in this venture.  Lesson learned…Pick a safer future than tightrope walking…something closer to the ground.  I won’t tell you how often this penchant for tightrope walking was used in working theater, but this time it was usually 2 or 3 stories up, and I had learned to be safer than I was as a child.

Well there are 7 stories that my mother loved to share about me, much to my chagrin when I was a teenager.  Now, onto nominating 15 bloggers to recieve this same award.  A Lovely Blog award should go to lovely blogs. So I’m going to share those blogs that I feel share beauty and love in special ways.  Instead of commenting on each one, since I took up so much space with the facts about myself from my mother’s repertoire of stories, I’m going to just list them and let you find out how lovely they are on your own.  For the guy bloggers listed…sorry, but even men can be lovely at times.  Here are my 15  picks…  I Timothy 4:12 blog site

I could have listed a few more, but I noticed that many of those have been inundated with these awards, and I know if they are like me, they would prefer to just write about what they need to without stopping so often to do these award posts.  So I decided to list some newer ones that I’ve found not only intriguing, but lovely and inspiring to me.

Thank you again, for the nomination!  May God bless you with immense traffic to your site, so that your heart can be an inspiration to others.


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Days Of Elijah (Christian Music Video) – YouTube

Behold He Comes…what I’m waiting for, longing for, and praying for!  I see things moving in place just like the Bible Prophecies and I can’t wait to be called home by my Lord and Savior!

Days Of Elijah (Christian Music Video) – YouTube.

This video pretty much describes my mood today, one of hope and anticipation.  I can’t wait until we leave the constraints of this world and this body, and receive a new body, and neverending praise and worship to the King of Kings in Heaven!  But with this joy comes a sorrow for those who are unsaved because I wish we all would be ready to go, and no one would be left behind. My one longing for my children and grandchildren is to see them in Heaven because they found salvation in Jesus Christ.  That is the one thing I pray for daily.


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contina-a-2-year-old-african-pastor-preacher-girl – YouTube

I couldn’t help sharing this today.  To hear this little 2 and 1/2 year old Africa preaching God’s Word, especially when she says…”Greater is he who is in me, than he that is in the world,” is truly amazing.  She is unbelievable, and you can tell God is just working in her and through her. I think she is imitating her pastor at church, but no matter is shows that a child is listening even at a young age, that they have an innocent faith without damage from the world, and that their love of God is freely expressed.  I hope you enjoy it!

contina-a-2-year-old-african-pastor-preacher-girl – YouTube.


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Unnoticed Moms – YouTube

This is a video I think everyone with a mom should see!  I’m not going to say much else except…How many times has what your mom has done for your family gone unnoticed?  For you husbands…How about what your wife does for your family?

Unnoticed Moms – YouTube.


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Just a Taste of Jk’s New Homeschool Project

On nice weather days, when I’m having a good day as far as pain goes, my youngest daughter, Jk, and I often try to get out for a walk.  I’ve been trying to teach her a little about photography.  After a few of what we call our “photography walks” she has now amassed a number of photos that she has taken herself.  I decided to take this one step further to the computer to show her how to make the most of her photos, so that she could share a message with her photos that would say something about what they said to her, or what God is saying to us through his creation.  So I found a photo program that would allow her to add text, pictures, frames, and clipart to her photos, or that would allow her to mix photos together.  So this is just a taste of what she has been working on, with the hopes that she will be blogging some of them on her own blog.  Enjoy!




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