Thank You, God from Kids Around the World…By Allia Zobel Nolan…Book Review

23 Apr

Thank You, God…From Kids Around the World

By: Allia Zobel Nolan

Genre:  Christian Children’s Book

Reviewed by:   Bonita L. Ledzius

Reviewed on:  April 23, 2012

Publisher:  Zonderkidz/Zondervans Publishing

Publication Date:  2010

Children from around the world share in day to day, and moment to moment ways that we tell God we love them.  From things that God created for us like sunshine, animals and family, to those that God inspired like dolls and building, we have been given things to be thankful for and all we need sometimes is a reminder of how we have been blessed.  “Thank You, God…From Kids Around the World” does just that.  From the beautiful artwork, to the poetry, this book is a must have for your children’s home library.

Allia Zobel Nolan did a wonderful job of sharing different cultures in different areas around the world, things about those cultures and thankfulness to God for them.   From Babuska Dolls to Kangaroos, pet camels to curry, we are given a tour of the wonders of many countries and how God has garnered praise in each.  Any young child in the first stages of reading will be able to read this one to themselves, and any child being read to will have their attention held as well.  The poetry flows easily, and is aided beautifully by the artwork which has been done by Miki Sakamoto.

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