Moments To Enjoy God’s Creation

29 Mar

This time of year for me is really a time I enjoy, especially with my daughter, Jk (pronouced Jake).  On days when my pain level is down and my energy levels are up, I like to get outside and enjoy God’s creation.   I think my favorite times of  the year are Spring and Fall, because the temperatures are wonderful, not to hot and not to cold, and these are the seasons when we see most God’s hand at work.  From the breezes in the trees to the newborn flowers peeping up from piles of old leaves, and twigs broken off by Winter snows, or in our area this Winter…Winter Rainstorms.  Spring is a time when we feel the rebirth of so many things, the sun’s warmth, baby animals out on the farms and ranches, and the rebirth of beautiful flowers from bulbs planted many springs past.  This Spring Jk and I have taken about 4 walks out into our area to watch for new flowers and to just enjoy the day.  We’ve even taken my granddaughter on one of our walks.  Today was one of those days.  Cane in one hand, and camara in the other, Jklyn locked the front door and off we went.  I have to admit it is a challenge to keep up with Jklyn after all I’m 42 years older than she is.  You see she is my youngest daughter.  She was my gift from God, born 24 years after my oldest daughter.  She is the youngest of  2natural sisters, 3 adopted sisters, and 2 stepbrothers, so she is the baby of the family and the only one left at home now.  She gets all the attention from these two older parents, and for the most part she is the favorite of all her siblings.  But it isn’t just because she is the baby sister, but because of her love for each of them individually, her forgiving character, her love of life, and the way God’s love shows through her to them.  I’m not saying she is a saint, because she is still a child who wants to spend more time with friends than doing her chores, and she is somewhat of a fashionista.  But she is the most loving and forgiving child I have, and that I credit to Jesus who I know is her Lord and Savior already.  I think that is why I love to go on short walks with her, because I get to see God’s love for his creation through her eyes.  That is what this post is about…seeing God’s love for his creation through a child of God’s eyes.  So below I’m posting pics that Jklyn has taken on our walks for everyone to enjoy.  Imagine a tween girl running usually 50 feet ahead of me because she sees something special that she wants to get a picture of, as if going any slower would mean that it might fade away.  That is what our walks are like!  Jk excitedly running to and fro, snapping pictures of flowers, trees, and animals, sometimes scaring them away because of her excitement.  I could live a hundred more years and still these walks would be some of my fondest memories of her.  Now here are Jk’s photos of nature.  Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Moments To Enjoy God’s Creation

  1. creationscience4kids

    April 3, 2012 at 7:55 PM

    Are those lilacs blooming already?? Spring is my favorite season, handsdown. You don’t have to do anything to have glorious beauty all around.
    Love the pictures!

    • forhisgloryandpraise

      April 3, 2012 at 9:41 PM

      Yes they are! I couldn’t believe them when I saw them. I haven’t seen any of these since I left California 6 years ago. Thank you for checking out the pictures. I think flowers remind us that we all can start over no matter how bad our winter may be.


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