The Diary of a Hyper Mentality

26 Mar

It's not the lake in my memories, but a pond near our home that I walk to on good days, just to calm my mind.

Today is a great day!  I’m full of energy, and feeling better!  It’s like I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as far as this virus goes.  So far, I finished reading a book that I’m reviewing, folded 2 loads of laundry and got another in the washer, saw my daughter off to Homeschool Choir, ate breakfast and took a long, relaxing bath in bath oil for pain.  I’ve sorted things out for mending too.  Between all this I checked my facebook page and this blog for messages.  But I’m not done yet, because there is so much more I need to get done on this good day.  There is a problem though.  My brain is running faster than I can keep up with it.  It feels like a hamster is running on his wheel inside my head, and all the time he is throwing out items for my list of things to do today.  Make dinner, sweep the top floors, mop the floors, dust, sweep and mop the stairs, start cleaning the main floor of the house, type out the crochet patterns for things I’ve created, post some of my writing on For His Glory and Praise, write 2 reviews and send them in, water and check my porch garden, iron clothes, do the mending, finish sewing outfit for my daughter…and it continues to go on and on.  All the things that I’ve had to put off because of being sick with this virus or down in pain.  You see I have a hyper mentality!  Although the body has slowed down the mind is still going a mile a minute.  It happens often… in fact, I’ve been this way all my life.  When my mother said “slow down” she wasn’t talking about me running ahead of her at all.  It was usually because I was telling her about all that I was thinking.  At times like this, I have had to learn how to put a rein on my thoughts.  How?  I go to a place in life where I found that I could relax and think of just the simplest of things…like the beauty of all God’s creation.  Right now I’m thinking of a time when I went fishing.  Setting by a beautiful lake, a book in one hand and a fishing pole in the other, sitting in a lawnchair, relaxing is where my mind is right now.  When I do this, I find that I can take one issue at a time and deal with it.  I remember God’s Word where he tells us to “rest in the Lord”, or to “cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.”   You see, I have to remember that even when my mind is not in control, God is in control.  Just these thoughts help me to calm down, relax in the Lord, and tackle my list one item at a time, and trust that God will see me through it.  And now with my mind set on Jesus, and my heart at peace, I can do everything through Christ…even my long list of housework.


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