Make the Most of Every Moment

25 Mar

On a good day Spring walk with my youngest daughter, and my granddaughter.

Today, I’m stuck in bed sick again, but this time it’s a virus not fibromyalgia that is keeping me down.  I’ve never been a person who could stay in bed all day, in fact when I was younger I was quite hyper.  I could go all day back then, clean house, cook, take a hike, garden, homeschool my daughter, and even play at the park with my kids, and in between doing these things still get in an hour or two of writing.  But now I’m over a half a century old, and although my brain still works on hyper, my body is working a great deal slower.  But that doesn’t stop me.  I believe in making the most of every day, even if that means rearranging what you do for the day.  On really good days I do my house cleaning, gardening, take walks with my daughter, and these type of activities that mean being on my feet.  But on days when I’m sick or in pain, I don’t just sleep the day away.  On these days, I write, blog, crochet, craft, even sew.  On days when I can’t be on my feet long, I search recipes with my youngest daughter to teach her for Home Ec.  I homeschool her every weekday whether I’m sick or not, unless of course she is down sick.  But I’m hoping to teach her that even on those days, you need to make the most of every day, and find things that you can do to fill the time.   There is always something that can fill the moments of your day, and that might take care of a need in the family, or bless someone you know.  The best way to live life and overcome adversity is to make the most of every moment.


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