Unlikely Praise By: Carla Rossi

24 Mar

Reviewed on:  February 20, 2012

Reviewed by:  Bonita L.  for  Radiant

Genre:  Christian Romance

Publisher:  White Rose Publishing…2012

Someone once said a “church” is a group of people with a common set of beliefs, who come together to worship and praise the author of their faith, and to encourage each other.  After reading “Unlikely Praise” I would have to say it church is so much more than that.  The best way to help you see what else church is would be to share my favorite quote from the book.  One of the supporting characters, a novice in the world of music, has written a song, and the lyrics tell the story of this book, and the story of each and ever Christian church.  Those lyrics are as follows…

“Everybody has a story to tell.

And it hurts to share because you know the end so well.

When your heart is broke in two,

And your friends have done all they can do,

Tell Jesus.

When your friend have all gone home,

And you’re in the dark there all alone,

Tell Jesus, tell Jesus, tell Jesus.”

This story brought to light the fact that a church is a group of people, each with their own story of precious memories, painful hurts, and shameful guilt.  Some people are open books, while others are still holding parts of their lives under lock and key, because of the pain, shame, or guilt that it brings to them.  Some people have found freedom in Jesus Christ, and don’t have to wear masks to hide their feelings, while others will put on different masks to hide their true feeling and failings.  In the end, all must realize that everything is laid bare before God.

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