Sage and Sweetgrass…Frivolities Book 3 By: Loree Perry

24 Mar

Reviewed on:  March 5, 2012

Reviewed by:  Bonita L.  for  Radiant

Genre:  Christian Romance

Publisher:  White Rose Publishing…2012

Lanae Peterson had thought about her life and future a great deal during her recovery from a life-threatening illness.  She longed for the love of a man that her sister and niece had both found in their lives.  She missed the love she had once had with her late husband.  Lanae had tried for years to run the ranch that she and her husband had, but finally had to give it up, and start her life anew.  Now her life revolved around Frivolities, the store Lanae, her sister Geneva, and her niece Moselle owned.  Would Lanae ever find love again, or was her near bout with death God’s way of slowing her down and reminding her that she should focus on her relationship with Christ?

Sage Diamond, a widowed rancher, kept to himself to keep the secret of his family just that, a secret.  Struggling with the death of his wife for all these years, Sage didn’t want to be entangled with any woman.  Yet, here he was struggling with his attraction to the feisty and energetic Lanae Peterson.  How could he put his love for his late wife to rest, to carry on with his life, and how would the secrets of his family affect the lives of his daughter and grandson, and his growing relationship with Lanae?

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